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  • Accuplacer Study Resources

    Your placement scores will determine the courses you will be able to register for at HCCC. Preparing for the college placement test is an important step towards your academic success. Save yourself significant time and money!

    Before you take the test: review, study, and brush-up on your Reading, Writing, and Math skills.

    Prep for English and Math portions of the Accuplacer: Accuplacer Multiple-Choice facts/tips (Source: Moody, P. & Sherfield R. Cornerstones for Community College Success, 2nd Ed.)
    • All Accuplacer Multiple-Choice sections are untimed.
    • You cannot skip questions in Accuplacer.
    • Accuplacer test questions are based on your responses to previous questions.
    • Questions will either increase or decrease in difficulty depending on how you respond.
    • Read instructions, passages, and questions carefully.
    • Look for similar answers; one of them is usually the correct response.
    • Answers containing extreme modifiers, such as always, every, and never are usually wrong.
    • Cross out answers that you know are incorrect.
    • The most inclusive answer is often correct.
    • The longest answer is often correct.
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