• Welcome to the HCCC Division of Humanities & Social Sciences

    Developing an understanding of what it means to be human and the human condition as it has evolved throughout the ages and as it exists today. Working to make the world we live in a better-educated, compassionate and more beautiful place. Fostering tolerance, appreciation and justice. These are all topics that are explored through courses offered by our Division of Humanities & Social Sciences.

    The HCCC Humanities & Social Sciences staff proudly serves the needs of students who plan to attain their bachelor’s degrees at four-year institutions. Faculty and staff also provide courses to meet the General Education requirements of many of the career programs offered in other divisions here at the College.

    In addition, the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences hosts the Writing Center at 2 Enos Place where students may improve their writing skills for all classes. Classroom instruction at the Writing Center is enhanced with computer-assisted modules as well as walk-in and peer mentoring.

    Here is a glimpse of the degree and certificate programs available through the Hudson County Community College Division of Humanities & Social Sciences:  

    American Studies
    Criminal Justice
    Early Childhood Education
    Elementary and Secondary Education
    Fine Arts
    Human Services
    Human Services to the Aged
    Latino Studies
    Legal Assisting
    Special Education
    Women’s Studies
    General Education Courses (including College Composition, Speech, Literature, Philosophy, Drawing, Painting, Modern Languages and Journalism)

    Explore the options available to you through the HCCC Division of Humanities & Social Sciences. Click onto our Catalog and Schedule of Course Offerings online, or phone or email us to learn more about our classes and programs.

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    Division of Humanities

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