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    HCCC Online now offers fully online degrees! Complete your educational goals conveniently. Whether you are a certified professional looking to advance or a potential 4-yr college student, you can fulfill your goals at a reasonable cost and conveniently online at HCCC. Hudson County Community College provides students with an alternative to traditional on-campus courses in the form of online and hybrid courses.

    7 Week, 12 Week or 15 Week Classes
    You can accelerate your learning or take your time. Classes are available in different formats suitable for learning the subject.

    24/7/365 Online Tutoring
    We have online tutoring available. Having trouble with an assignment? Just schedule an appointment and work with someone 1-1.

    Support Available 24 hours
    We use Canvas as our platform for delivering our online courses. Canvas support is available online and by phone any time you get stuck technically. Chat, call (833-685-8350) or email support@instructure.com for immediate help!

    Very Affordable
    Our classes are very affordable. For fully online programs we offer in-state tuition, and are well below the average college costs per credit.

    Mobile Friendly Platform
    Canvas provides a mobile student app you can download at:

    Will my credits Transfer to HCCC?
    Will my credits from HCCC Transfer?


    Are you already a certified/licensed healthcare professional? Looking for an opportunity to advance? Step up and earn an Associate degree in Health Sciences with HCCC Online.

    This program prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges or universities after completing two years of undergraduate coursework at HCCC. Graduating students may advance to majors in history or related subjects.

    Get prepared for successful careers in a variety of positions in federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as police, corrections, court officers, security officers, or a number of administrative positions.

    Graduates of this degree are also qualified for entry-level administrative and management positions. The program provides business knowledge and skills as the foundation for more specialized and/or advanced study.

    Fully Online and Hybrid Courses Available

    View Fully Online Courses

    Course Section Course Name
    ACC-121 Principles of Accounting I
    ACC-221 Principles of Accounting II
    ANT-101 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
    ART-115 Art History I
    ART-125 Art History II
    BIO-100 General Biology
    BIO-111 Anatomy & Physiology I
    BIO-120 Human Sexual Biology
    BIO-201 Practical Nutrition
    BIO-211 Anatomy & Physiology II
    BUS-103 Introduction to Business
    BUS-230 Business Law
    CAI-115 Food Sanitation & Culinary Principles
    CAI-121 Product ID & Purchasing
    CAI-123 Storeroom and Purchasing Operations
    CAI-223 Food, Beverage & Labor Cost Control
    CRJ-111 Intro to Criminal Justice
    CRJ-120 Introduction to Criminal Law
    CRJ-200 Constitutional Liberties and Rights
    CRJ-214 Corrections
    CRJ-215 Juvenile Justice System
    CRJ-220 Gen. Police Organization & Administration
    CRJ-222 Criminal Investigation
    CSC-100 Intro to Computers & Computing
    CSC-227 Intro to Operating Systems
    CSC-231 Information Systems Analysis & Design
    CSS-100 College Student Success (Online)
    ECO-201 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECO-202 Principles of Microeconomics
    EDU-211 Foundations of American Education
    ENG-101 College Composition I
    ENG-102 College Composition II
    ENG-112 Speech
    ENG-211 Business Communications
    FLM-101 Introduction to Film
    HIS-105 U.S. History I
    HIS-106 U.S. History II
    HIS-210 Western Civilization I
    HIS-211 Western Civilization II
    HLT-115 Dynamics of Health Care in Society
    HLT-124 Personal Health and Wellness
    HLT-211 Community Health
    HMT-110 Introduction to Hospitality Industry
    HMT-204 Fundamentals of Wine & Food
    HUM-101 Cultures and Values
    INTD-235 Exploring Multicultural Studies
    LIT-201 Introduction to Literature
    LIT-209 Children's Literature
    LIT-215 World Literature I
    MAN-121 Principles of Management
    MAN-221 Marketing
    MAT-100 College Algebra
    MAT-110 Pre-Calculus
    MAT-111 Calculus I
    MAT-114 Intro Statistics & Probability
    PHL-101 Introduction to Philosophy
    PSC-101 American Government
    PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology
    PSY-211 Developmental Psychology I
    PSY-260 Lifespan Development
    RDG-076 Developmental Analytical Thought II
    SED-235 Young Children W/ Special Need
    SED-290 Intro to Special Education
    SOC-101 Principles of Sociology

    View Hybrid Courses

    Course Section Course Name
    BIO-107 Human Biology
    BIO-111 Anatomy and Physiology I
    BIO-115 Principles of Biology I
    BIO-116 Principles of Biology II
    BIO-208 Ecology
    BIO-211 Anatomy and Physiology II
    BIO-230 Histology
    BIO-240 Genetics
    BIO-250 Microbiology
    CSC-115 Programming in C++ for Computer Science
    MDA-106 Medical Terminology
    BUS-103 Introduction to Business
    ENG-101 College Composition I
    MAT-071 Basic Mathematics
    MAT-073 Basic Algebra

    For course descriptions go to:www.hccc.edu/adcatalog

    Technology Requirements
    To have a good online course experience, you will need:
      - Access to a decent computer or laptop
      - High speed internet
      - Webcam (usually built in to newer laptops, for some courses)
      - A headset/mic  ( for some courses such as speech)

    FOR MORE INFORMATION: On these courses or others offered at Hudson County Community College contact: Enrollment Services at (201) 714-7200, or email admissions@hccc.edu

    APPLY NOW: www.hccc.edu/apply


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