Important: COVID-19 Updates

Message from HCCC President Reber on Return to Campus (July 23, 2020)

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HCCC Restart Plan (July 22, 2020)
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Coronavirus Updates (June 1, 2020)
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To get the latest updates, visit our Return to Campus Task Force page.

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    • Resources for Online Students

      Apply Online
      Students can usually complete applications online. To apply you can find the directions at and the form is available here.

      Netiquette Guide for Online Courses
      Netiquette provides some basic guidelines about how to behave online to reduce online misunderstandings and miscommunications; view Hudson Online’s Netiquette Guide.

      Canvas Support
      Support is available 24 hrs., every day of the year! To get technical support on Canvas you can email: or phone: 833-685-8350

      IT Help Desk
      If you need help with your account, Email: or phone: 201-360-4310. To get some helpful information and Acceptable Use policy, visit their Website at

      Online Tutoring is available to all HCCC students. Smarthinking, an online tutoring service, is available in every course on the Canvas course menu. It is available 24-hr, every day of the year. Note: If you need to request additional hours, or discuss issues contact the HCCC tutoring service, email: or phone: 201-360-4187. You can visit their website at:

      We have a beautiful award-winning library. To get assistance with readings, research, books Email: or phone: 201-360-4360. There is information on their Website:

      Financial Aid
      Fully online students pay the same low tuition at HCCC as in county students. To get help with Financial Aid, Email: or phone: 201-360-4200 More information is available at :

      Career Services
      Students are provided help with resumes and job searches. Online students can access Career Services by phone, email and video conference, by appointment – nights and weekends included!
      Contact Addie, Nicola, Maria and Victoria
      Phone: 201-360-4184 Email:
      Portal site:

      Mental Health Counseling & Wellness
      HCCC offers Mental Health Counseling & Wellness services that aim to foster the psychological health and well-being of students by helping them overcome obstacles that may otherwise prevent them from attaining academic, personal and professional goals. Note that this is not the same as Advisement or Accessibility services but can be used along with those. Please click the link below to see more infrmation.

      Advisement & Counseling
      Please note that all students are supposed to work with an advisor prior to registering. You can email them at and or phone: 201-360-4150. Visit the Website for more information.

      Accessibility Services
      For getting accessibility information and assistance, Email: or phone: 201-360-4163. Please visit the Website for more information: