• Academic Divisions

    • culinary2Culinary Arts

      Each year, thousands of students pursue their dreams of being in the culinary and hospitality industries here at the HCCC CAI. Proudly, the HCCC CAI areas of study include everything from baking and beverage management to cost control, menu and facilities design, to wines and spirits.
    • cbi Center for Business & Industry

      The HCCC Center for Business & Industry (CBI) is the area leader in developing and delivering educational classes and programs to help fulfill the business learning needs of businesses, organizations and individuals. The CBI is dedicated to providing the Hudson County community with the skilled and educated workforce that will allow the area to prosper.
    • scienceHealth, Science & Technology

      There truly is a world of exciting possibilities for you in the ever-evolving and always rewarding world of healthcare, the sciences and technology. Further, there is no shortage of well-paying, secure and satisfying employment opportunities in these fields, with many positions considered to be "recession-proof."
    • humanitiesHumanities

      Developing an understanding of what it means to be human and the human condition as it has evolved throughout the ages and as it exists today. Working to make the world we live in a better-educated, compassionate and more beautiful place. Fostering tolerance, appreciation and justice. 
    • Social SciencesSocial Sciences

      Academic exploration of the Social Sciences, on local and global scales, aims to promote self-discovery and empowerment through the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills for future academic and vocational careers.