• Become a HCCC Foundation Scholar!

    The Hudson County Community College Foundation provides scholarships to HCCC students who:

    • Are enrolled in the current academic year or are new students who have completed the application and assessment process;
    • Are Hudson County residents;
    • Are U.S. citizens (or permanent residents of the U.S.A.);
    • Demonstrate a commitment to their studies by carrying a 2.0 – 4.0 GPA;
    • Demonstrate financial need.
    • Students may not receive more than one HCCC Foundation scholarship at a time.
    • Scholarships are for tuition purposes only; books and fees are not included.
    • Scholarships may not be applied towards outstanding balances from prior semesters.
    • Students may receive HCCC Foundation Scholarships in subsequent years, but may not receive an unmatched HCCC Foundation Scholarship for more than three years.

    All scholarship applicants must submit:

    • A completed HCCC Foundation Scholarship Application Form (English / Spanish);
    • An essay written by the applicant;
    • A Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) for the upcoming academic year along with any supporting materials, to the Financial Aid Office.

  •                                                                                    Foundation Scholarship Application
     * Hudson County Community College Student:    
     * Student Name, Last:  
     * Student Name, First:  
     * Student ID Number:  
     * Gender:  
     * Street Address:  
     * City:  
     * State:  
     * Zip Code:  
     * Home Phone:  
     * Cell Phone:  
     * Email:  
     * GPA  
     * Major
     * Number of Credits Enrolled This Semester:
    Credits Enrolled (Other):
     * Number of Credits Completed:  
     * Anticipated Graduation Date (Month/Year)  
     * Have you applied for financial aid for the current academic year?
     * For the fall term I will be a:
     * Have you received a scholarship from the HCCC Foundation in the past?   
     * Check one:
     * As some of our scholarships are based on sexual orientation, if you would care to divulge your orientation for scholarship consideration, please indicate “Yes” here:

    Describe your professional and educational goals:

    List Academic honors and awards along with any community service activities:

     * ESSAY REQUIREMENT: Students applying for a scholarship are required to prepare a 500-word essay. The essay should describe their career goals, reasons for attending college, why they should be considered as a candidate for the scholarship and how the scholarship will benefit them. Any college, community and/or civic activities should be included as well. Essay must be written by student.



     * I am an employee of HCCC or a relative of an HCCC employee. (If applicable, please indicate “Yes.”)

     * In the event that I am awarded a scholarship through the HCCC Foundation, I consent to release this information related to my academic performance to the donor of the scholarship and the media. (Indicate “Yes” to give consent,)  

     * STUDENT SIGNATURE (enter Full Name)


    Please press the "Submit" button only once.