• MFS-102 : Funeral Service Internship II

    Academic Level:
    Management Funeral Service
    Eligibility for these courses is determined by the funeral service coordinator and is limited to those students who are registered as interns with the New Jersey State Board of Mortuary Science. These courses are sequential in the Funeral Service Option of the Management degree program. For each internship experience the student will receive two college credits while working under the direction of a Licensed Funeral Director for 16 hours per week. The student must also meet with the faculty member for a one hour per week seminar. In order to receive credit for the Funeral Service Internship courses, the student must submit a monthly report to the Funeral Service Coordinator for each month during the semester. Students are expected to perform typical intern duties under the supervision of a licensed funeral director. These duties would include removals, embalming, cosmetizing, restorative art, dressing, casketing, and assisting with arrangements, visitations, funeral directing, interment procedures, purchasing, business methods, merchandising, and office procedures including completing and filing forms, certificates, etc. The student may perform other duties as requested by the Funeral Director in the normal operation of a funeral home. The internship is supervised by the Funeral Service Coordinator and a field supervisor. Student progress and grades are determined by the sponsoring Funeral Director and the Funeral Service Coordinator. Registration with the New Jersey Board of Mortuary Science enables students to receive credit toward the internship requirements in the State of New Jersey. These courses are designed to be a combination of business education and professional work in a cooperating funeral home. It is preferred that students complete the internship courses in sequence, but that is not mandatory. Students may take only one internship per semester.