• MDA-231 : Medical Assisting Externship

    Academic Level:
    Allied Health
    Medical Assisting
    Students are placed in the offices of participating physicians, HMOs, or clinics for a minimum of 200 hours of practical experience in medical assisting during the health care facility?s regular hours of operation. They perform all the duties of a medical assistant under the direction and supervision of the physician and those health care provides employed in the practice. Students gain insight into the operation of health care facilities and will perform all the duties expected of medical assistants. Students will meet for a regularly-scheduled seminar to discuss experiences and to prepare resumes and cover letters. Students are supervised and evaluated by the site supervisor and the faculty member assigned to the externship program. All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade-point average of 2.0 before the student is permitted to begin the externship. Course is offered only once during the academic year.