• Radiography - Financial Information

    Class starting August 2018

    Associate in Science (A.S.) Radiography
    Total Program: 63 credits

    Nursing and Health Sciences Division of HCCC

    General Education & Science Requirements:   33 Credits
    Major Radiology Requirements:   30 Credits
    TEAS Testing at HCCC Testing Center, Student Self Pay    $50.00 approximate
    Book Fees: Textbooks
    Eligible students will purchase through college bookstore
      $750.00 approximate
    Students will arrange a direct payment to the vendor for the following:
    Uniforms including Lab Coat   $250.00 approximate
    Security Background Clearance (Non-Refundable) due before program interview -fee higher for additional names/states   $50.00 for N.J. Residents
    $120.00 Out-of-State
    Drug Screening Testing (Non-Refundable)
    1. July of Acceptance Year
    2. July before entering Second Year
      $62.00 each test
    Malpractice Insurance due September of each Year
    HPSO 1-800-982-9491; www.HSPO.com
      $40.00 yearly
    Additional Student Self- Pay fees:    
    Physical Examination: Self pay-including specified immunization
    Record and required laboratory work through Immunitrax Immunization Tracking
      $48.00 approximate
    Health Insurance: All students must provide proof on ongoing Insurance
    for clinical participation and Immunizations. In event of illness, students are responsible
    for all fees incurred at any affiliating agencies. 
    CPR/AED Certification (2 year issue): Self pay   $65.00 approximate
    New Jersey Society of Radiologic Technology Membership
    Due September of Acceptance year (covers 2 years)
    Check payable to: NJSRT
    X-Ray Markers (on-line orders) due September entry year   $20.00 approximate
    Radiation Badge Replacement Fee paid to Bursar’s Office   $25.00
    ASRT Membership (due August Orientation – Senior year)
      $35.00 yearly
    Senior Online Required Review Courses (2)   $200.00 approximate
    Kettering Review (optional)   $185.00 approximate
    Parking, travel, and tolls for Clinical Sites   Costs vary
    HCCC Non-Refundable Graduation Fee    $50.00 approximate
    Sixth Semester:
    License/Registry Exam Fees
      $60.00 N.J. License
    $200.00 ARRT
    $120.00 N.Y. License (optional)
    Student will pay the College for the following:
    Tuition & Fees   See Tuition/Fee Schedule
    Seat Deposit (Non-Refundable) based on Background
    Clearance and credited towards tuition-due 3 weeks after
    Notification of acceptance into the program

    Financial Assistance:

    Eligible students may be aided through a combination package of scholarships or grants (which need not be repaid), student loans (which are repaid after graduation or when enrollment drops below part-time census, and work (part-time campus employment). The amount and type of aid will depend upon available funds and the degree of need. Students should carefully check deadline dates for financial aid applications. Financial aid awards are disbursed to students' accounts at least once during each semester of enrollment.

    Students interested in applying for financial assistance must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is the application for federal and state aid. Applications must be completed at least three months prior to the beginning of a new semester to ensure consideration for aid under the following programs: Federal Work Study, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Educational Opportunity Fund, Federal Pell Grant, Tuition Aid Grant, Garden State Scholarships, New Jersey STARS, Federal Student Loan, and PLUS Programs.

    To be eligible to receive aid, students must demonstrate the ability to benefit from the programs offered at the College by either having a high school diploma or GED.

    Students must also be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens, have a valid Social Security number, comply with Selective Service if required, and have not received a baccalaureate degree. For more detailed information regarding eligibility requirements, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

    The completed FAFSA from must be submitted electronically to the following website: www.fafsa.ed.gov

    Click here to view a Tuition and Fee Schedule for the Radiography Program, Academic Year 2017-18.

  • Contact Information

    Suzanne Novy
    Program Director, Radiography Program
    (201) 360-4781

    Catherine Sirangelo-Elbadawy, Associate Dean
    Nursing and Health Sciences Division
    870 Bergen Ave.
    F Building
    Jersey City, NJ 07306

    (201) 360-4267