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    Jose Gonzalez

    Class of: 2012
    Degree Program: Liberal Arts, Business

    What factors led you to decide to attend Hudson County Community College?
    The College offered a degree program in Business (I minored in CIS) and had a program especially for veterans. My sister, Madeline, also attended HCCC. Other factors that influenced my decision to attend HCCC were the proximity, convenience, and price.

    What is your favorite memory of the College, in or out of the classroom?
    I enjoyed almost all of my classes, but my favorite memories had to include my English professor. He made you work hard and made learning enjoyable.

    How did you become interested in business?
    I had a leadership background from 20 years in the military, and I was already running my own business as a real estate agent. It was a perfect next step.

    How did your time at HCCC prepare you for your career/ life now?
    Learning about different aspects of business really prepared me for keeping on top of what is happening and what might happen and what should happen.

    What is a typical work day for you?
    I get up early and start creating new business; next, I care for my current clients. Finally, I work on advertising and paperwork.

    What has been the most memorable project/case you have worked on?
    The most memorable and the simplest transaction I had was in 2015 when a friend, who I had met through my Japanese language exchange class, approached me about helping her and her husband find a home. I not only found them a great home with everything they needed, but I save them over $1 million in the process. I stay in touch with them even now.

    Who are your biggest inspirations that have impacted your work in some way?
    When you run your own business, staying focused and motivated is not always easy. I look to people like Tony Robbins and others in my industry who have achieved exactly what I am trying to achieve.

    What advice would you give to recent HCCC graduates?
    As new graduates, you have at your disposal the greatest set of tools and avenues to reach higher, achieve more, and be exactly who you want to be. Stay focused on your dreams and the path to reach them will present itself, the more focused you are the clearer the path you need to take will become. Technology is getting more powerful every day; use that to your advantage and don’t let it use you. Social media plays a major role in practically all aspects of our lives, and used intelligently it can be our ally. Believe those that came before you; they give you advice because they have faced the same things you will face. There are two ways to learn, from your own experience and from others’. One of them usually comes with a price; the other usually costs a token of gratitude. One of the biggest issues of our times seems to be personal finance. The simplest way to approach this is to plan six months in advance including fun. Be responsible and realistic towards your long- and short-term goals. Like the ads say, “Your future self will thank you.”

    What advice do you have for those students who are just starting their college careers?
    Take in, take up and give in, but never give up. College life might be a challenge, but it is designed to help you succeed. Take in everything that is around you; one day you will look back and wish you could re-live these days. Take up activities that you will help you when it is time to graduate. Start filling in your resume from the semester you attend school. Always focus on your dreams your goals like a laser, and the universe will find a way to get you there – mind you not in a straight line. Be strong, be stubborn and be willing to tough it out, and in the end you will be shining like a rainbow after the storm.