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    • Welcome

      Accessibility Services provides access to educational opportunities for students with documented needs. Our office coordinates appropriate accommodations to provide students with access to programs, activities and services. We assist students with advising, as well as teach self-advocacy skills.
      Accessibility Services acts as a resource to students, faculty, staff and other community members to provide information, training, professional development in the areas of:

      • American with Disabilities Act
      • Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973
      • Legal trends
      • General access issues
      • Accommodations
      • Accessible Technology

      If you are a student with a learning, physical and/or psychological disability, you are welcome to visit Accessibility Service. We are glad that you are at Hudson County Community College and we look forward to working with you.


    • Checklist for Students Requesting Services

      Step 1

      Complete an Accessibility Service Request Form​

      Step 2

      Gather the appropriate documentation (choose A or B).
      (A) For students who received services in high school, the following documents should be submitted:

      • Most recent Individualized Educational Plan–not more than five (5) years old
      • Most recent Psychological Evaluation–not more than five (5) years old
      • Most recent Educational Evaluation–not more than five (5) years old

      (B) An official letter from a qualified physician, psychologist, nurse or social worker who treats you for your specific disability; must be submitted on official letterhead. :
      Students with more than one type of disability should submit a letter for each specific disability.
      Every letter should specify the following:

      • Diagnosis
      • Substantiation of the Disability–tests that were performed/evaluations
      • Recommendation for Accommodations–outlines the kind of accommodation(s) needed based on the type of disability

      Documentation should be submitted to Accessibility Services prior to taking the College Placement Test.

      Step 3

      Once you have all of the documents listed above, schedule an appointment with the Accessibility Services Coordinator. The AS Coordinator can be reached at 201-360-4157 or During the meeting, the Accessiblity Services staff will discuss the accommodations that you are eligible for based on the documentation that you provide.

    • Hours

      Students requesting accommodations are required to submit appropriate documentation.

      To set up an appointment to review documentation with Accessibility Services

      Please follow this link: or contact:
      Coordinator, Karine Davis
      Telephone: (201) 360-4157 or (201) 360-4163
      Walk-Ins Are Welcome

    • Services Provided

      • Coordination of appropriate accommodations to provide students with disabilities access to programs, activities and services
      • Self-advocacy skills
      • Testing Accommodations
      • Note Takers/Readers
      • Sign Language Interpreters
    • Adaptive Technology

      Our AT computer workstations offer the following equipment and software:

      • Zoom Text
      • Voice Recorders
      • Spellcheckers
      • Learning Ally
    • Contact

      Accessibility Services

      Jacqueline Safont

      Director, Accessibility Services
      71 Sip Avenue, Building L
      Jersey City, NJ 07306
      (201) 360 - 5337

      Karine Davis
      70 Sip Avenue, Building A
      2nd Floor
      Jersey City, NJ 07306
      (201) 360 - 4157 / 4163