Achieving The Dream


HCCC's Student Success Action Plan 7.31.2020


In December 2018, following Dr. Karen Stout’s presentation, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents voted in favor of HCCC joining the Achieving the Dream Network. Achieving the Dream is a national educational reform network whose work has had a transformational impact on the colleges they have partnered with. Their mission focuses on helping institutions build equity and capacity in their student success initiatives by using data to inform practice. In becoming an ATD member college, HCCC will adopt a laser-like focus on improving key student success metrics in the areas of student engagement, retention, persistence, and completion.

During the week of June 17, eight members of HCCC’s Achieving the Dream Committee traveled to Phoenix, AZ to attend ATD’s intensive three-day Kickoff Institute for new member colleges. While there, the team met with our leadership and data coaches, Dr. Mary Fifield and Dr. Rene Garcia, respectively, and prepared for the work involved in the first year of membership. Both Dr. Fifield and Dr. Garcia bring a wealth of experience to their roles as HCCC’s Achieving the Dream Coaches. Dr. Fifield served for 17 years as President of Bunker Hill Community College in Boston and is an expert in leading transformational change along the lines of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

She will be our leadership coach. Dr. Garcia brings with him over 35 years of expertise in enrollment management and institutional research. He will be our data coach. Both Mary and Rene will be joining us on August 27th for a series of informational workshops, and again on August 28th for a presentation at College Service Day. Heather DeVries and Sheila Dynan, co-chairs of HCCC’s Achieving the Dream Committee, will be providing regular updates to the college community at Town Hall meetings and various other venues. Interested in learning more or joining HCCC’s Achieving the Dream Committee? Reach out to atdFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE.

Mark your calendars: HCCC’s ATD Coaches will be visiting campus on:

• August 27-28, 2019 (8/28 is also College Service Day!)
• November 21-22, 2019
• March 5-6, 2020

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Core/Strategy Team & Data Team Charges

Charges of the Data Team:

  • Develop a thorough and candid analysis of HCCC’s performance with respect to student outcomes, with a special focus populations that face barriers to success. This work should proceed in two registers:
        o Identify gaps in performance that might suggest areas for intervention.
        o Identify patterns of success that might suggest scalable best practices
  • Collaborate with the Core Team in engaging students, faculty, community members, and others in dialogue about the analysis and proposed goals and strategies. In particular, provide curated data to Core team to spur discussion and focus on areas of concern and opportunity.
  • Promote a “data-rich” culture on campus by:
        o Defining key terms and data sources.
        o Encouraging the use of data to inform decision-making across the College.
        o Emphasizing the ethical use of data.
        o Producing artifacts datasets, visualizations, and reports that are clear, concise, accurate representations of our student outcomes.
        o Presenting information, on an ongoing basis, to various College constituencies.

Charges of the Core/Strategy Team:

  • Use the quantitative and qualitative data provided by the Data Team to form and guide initiative teams to carry out the student success at HCCC.
  • Following the administration of the ICAT and follow-up at a Capacity Café, use the results to assure that the seven capacities are strengthened at HCCC.
  • Maintain an inventory of all student success initiatives and assure that they are rigorously evaluated in a manner consistent with continuous quality improvement.
  • Coordinate all student success initiatives to effectively and efficiently utilize college resources and avoid duplicative efforts, and assure that all initiatives are appropriately related to HCCC’s ATD initiative.
  • Facilitate student success work to assist initiative teams to overcome barriers and navigate HCCC’s governance system.
  • Regularly review the work of the student success initiative teams and offer helpful, constructive advice.
  • Assure that a communication plan is developed and executed to achieve broad engagement across all members of the college.
  • Ensure that student success work is aligned with the college budget and strategic plan.
  • Engage in conversations needed to push forward efforts to achieve equity at HCCC.

HCCC’s Timeline of Achieving the Dream Activities

Year One (FY-20)

  • June 2019: Kickoff Institute in Phoenix, Arizona
  • August 2019: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their first visit to campus
  • September 2019: Data & Analytics Summit in College Park, Maryland
  • November 2019: Complete Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT)
  • November 2019: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their second visit to campus
  • November 21, 2019: Capacity Café event
  • February 2020: DREAM 2020 in National Harbor, Maryland
  • March 2020: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their third visit to campus
  • May 2020: Action Plan due

Year Two (FY-21)

  • Fall 2020: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their first visit of Year Two to campus
  • February 2021: DREAM 2021
  • Spring 2021: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their second visit of Year Two to campus.
  • May 2021: Annual Reporting Due

Year Three (FY-22)

  • Fall 2021: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their first visit of Year Three to campus
  • February 2022: DREAM 2022
  • Spring 2022: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their second visit of Year Three to campus.
  • May 2022: Annual Reporting and Assessment of Overall Progress Due