Important: COVID-19 Updates

OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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For a Healthcare Questionnaire (required before entering any HCCC facility), please click here.

    • Welcome to HCCC Mental Health Counseling & Wellness

      Services Offered:
      In support of the Hudson County Community College mission, Mental Health Counseling & Wellness aims to foster the psychological health and well-being of students. By helping them overcome obstacles, which may otherwise prevent them from attaining academic, personal, and professional goals. We embrace the diversity in the community we serve, and we acknowledge that the individual needs of our students are unique and varied. Thus, we treat each person with respect and dignity. Through collaboration with others across HCCC, we work to provide programs and services that build a supportive community for all.

      Due to COV19, all HCCC students are still eligible to receive free supportive counseling and referral services from a licensed mental health professional via telehealth and phone communication. If there is an emergency, and critical care is needed for psychiatric services, staff will make referrals to the community. If a parent or a friend has concerns about his/her adult child or friend attending HCCC, he/she may call Mental Health Counseling & Wellness to advise us of the situation. Once a referral is received, we are not able to release information due to confidentiality.

      Rights to privacy and confidentiality are taken seriously. Communications between the counselor and student are privileged, confidential, and safeguarded by our staff. Counseling records do not become part of educational history. Counseling information is not released to anyone outside of the Counseling Center without a student's written permission. We will not release your records unless we have written consent. However, there are four exceptions to confidentiality: (1) Imminent harm to yourself, (2) Imminent harm to others or property, (3) Abuse of children, the elderly or the disabled, and (4) Staff consultation and supervision.

      Due to COV19, all HCCC students are still eligible to receive free supportive counseling and referral services from a licensed mental health professional via telehealth and phone communication. Students seeking mental health support are encouraged to call to set up an appointment at (201) 360-4229. In-Person services have been temporarily suspended.
      Hours of operation:
      Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 9 am -5 pm
      Tuesday and Thursday – 10 am – 7 pm.

      After hours, there is hotline access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as follows: SUICIDE PREVENTION – 1-800-273-8255 and Crisis Text Line: text the word “ HELLO” to 741-741.

      In the case of an emergency, immediately call the Police via 911 and then call Campus Security at 201-360-4080.

      Students and staff wanting to make a referral, please report your CARES & CONCERNS:
      Click Here to Make a Referral

      Referral Reasons

      • Abrupt decline in academic performance
      • Signs of anxiety/panic attacks
      • A decrease in personal grooming/hygiene
      • Adjustment difficulty (significant for incoming freshman)
      • Engagement in self-injurious or high-risk behaviors
      • Loss of temper quickly
      • Knowledge about life stressors (death, break up, divorce, financial hardship)
      • Signs of exhaustion or low self-esteem
      • Overwhelmed or apathetic behavior
      • Communication about an unstable family dynamic
      • Any self-disclosure of personal problems—verbal or written
      • Feeling sad or and not motivated to do work or attend class.
      • Focusing on and attention difficulties
      • Poor organizational skills and missing deadlines


      Most Common Mental Health Issues Facing College Students

      • Depression / Anxiety
      • Suicide
      • Bipolar Disorder
      • Eating Disorders
      • Addiction
      • Self-harm
    • TAKE CORV19’s power: over your mental health

      • Get the Facts – stay informed!
      • Limit our exposure to the news: if you find yourself watching a lot, take time out
      • Be mindful of how we look at others, example someone sneezes or coughs; it is okay
      • Stay Healthy, adopt good eating habits, sleeping, and exercise (see links below for FREE indoor stuff)
      • Washing hands, limit touching your face
      • Keep a routine, talk with people, text friends, share your feelings
      • If you are sick, stay home, call your doctor
      • Remember, it is okay to ask for Help!!!

      Coping with Media – The News, Internet, etc

      Normal reactions:

      • Worry, fear and maybe panic
      • Feeling helpless
      • Wanting to stay home, withdrawal from others
      • Short-tempered or feeling more emotional, decrease in sleeping and eating
      • Hyper-vigilant to seeing someone sick

      Things to do:

      • Feeling overwhelmed by concerns about the Coronavirus Limit the amount of news you are watching and surfing.
      • Filter and limit, do not just avoid the news, don’t feel you have to read everything
      • Monitor level of anxiety – you notice you are thinking about it, seeking information, take some break. Redirect your thoughts and find professional health.
      • Do reality checks, remind yourself to think realistically, and look at factual websites.

      Taking your control back by:

      • Talking with someone
      • Redirect your thoughts
      • Use Positive affirmations:
        • I am feeling healthy
        • I eat healthily
        • I have control over me
        • I feel calm
      • Practice gratitude: (list things you are thankful for)
      • Spend time with friends (don’t talk about the COV19)
      • Use some breathing techniques:
    • Mental Health Counseling & Wellness would like to introduce you to another mental health resource for HCCC students TalkCampus: A reminder that all requests for Mental Health Counseling or referrals please complete General Care and Concern Form

      TalkCampus: is here! FREE for All HCCC students. We have partnered with TalkCampus: resources available 24 hours, seven days a week. They will connect you with instant peer to peer support.
      It is a safe place to be can be anonymous or not, talk about anything JUDGEMENT FREE. “Your boyfriend broke up with you, Your dad is annoying, you are stress over school, covid19 doesn’t matter.” No Suffering in Silence talk with someone!
      TalkCampus: also provides free Guided Meditations, wellness tips, sleep tips, and also Journaling.

      Easy as – One – Two- Three someones is here for me.
            1. Download the mobile app on Google Play or the App Store.
            2. Click on the sign-up button on the home page of the app.
            3. Enter your college provided email address and choose a password.

    • Contact information
      Office Days/Hours: (9am-5pm)
      Monday – Friday

      Doreen Marie Pontius, M.S.W., L.C.S.W
      Associate Director of Counseling & Wellness
      70 Sip Avenue, Room 215
      Jersey City, NJ 07306