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    • ADSS_Academic-Support-Services-Centers-header
    • 2019 Recipient of the National College Learning Center Association Frank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award for Two-Year Institutions

    • Mission of the Abegail Douglas Johnson Academic Support Services Centers
      • The Mission of the Abegail Douglas-Johnson (ADJ) Academic Support Services Centers (ASSC) is to guide students to become autonomous and active learners through providing a variety of supplemental academic programs that foster growth and agency in student-centered, inclusive, and multicultural environments that are designed to reach each learner.
    • Journal Square Campus
      • Tutorial Center
      • 71 Sip Ave.,
        Jersey City, NJ
        Lower-Level of the Gabert Library Building
        (201) 360 - 4187

      • Writing Center
      • 2 Enos Pl.,
        Jersey City, NJ
        Room J-204
        (201) 360 - 4370

      • Academic Foundations (AF) Math Center
      • 263 Academy St.,
        Jersey City, NJ
        Room S-514
        (201) 360 - 5356
      North Hudson Campus
      • Academic Support Center
      • 4800 Kennedy Blvd.,
        Union City, NJ
        Room N-704
        (201) 360 - 4623
    • Programs and Services
      • The Academic Support Services Centers offer free one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, and workshops that provide students with the option to either walk-in or create an appointment ahead of time using WCOnline. WCOnline is accessible to students at their convenience on their phone, tablet, or personal computer. We also offer and encourage students to take advantage of creating recurring weekly appointments to maintain consistent tutoring sessions. All four centers on both campuses are open Monday through Friday, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm and Saturday, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm (Academic Foundations Math Center is closed on Saturdays).

      • Individualized Tutoring for Students with Learning Differences
      • With documentation provided by the Accessibility Services Office, students with documented needs are provided additional time and one-on-one tutoring. Students will need to contact Karine Davis, Accessibility Services Coordinator, at 201-360-4157.

      • In-Class Tutoring Program
      • Academic Coaches work with students individually and in groups during classes, providing them the unique opportunity to help and guide each student to develop an individualized academic plan.

        The SI Leaders are assigned to Academic Foundations Math Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) classes. Based on the material that is covered in class and suggestions from the faculty, SI Leaders hold sessions to review the material so students can gain a deeper understanding of course content.

      • Online Tutoring (Smarthinking)
      • Smarthinking is an Online Tutoring service made available to students through the online portal learning management system (LMS) Canvas, at no extra cost, giving students direct access to support services. Smarthinking offers:

        ●    Work with a Tutor or Career Coach: Connect with a live tutor on demand
        ●    Submit my Writing or Career Documents: Send an essay or career document for review
        ●    Submit a Question: Ask a question to be answered offline usually within 24 hours
        ●    Review my Sessions and Submissions: Review previous online tutoring sessions
        ●    Study Aids: access to 1,500 mathematics tutorials, math resources, an accounting study guide, a Writer’s Handbook and more

      • Transitional Opportunity Program (T.O.P.)
        Summer and Winter Enrichment Programs
      • T.O.P. offers Enrichment Programs for all levels of ESL, Basic Reading/Basic Writing, Basic Mathematics, and Basic Algebra, with select offerings during the winter intersession. These programs are offered to current students who took the course the previous semester and did not pass. The requirements vary by course, visit the Transitional Opportunity Program page, for more information.
    • Academic Workshops
        • The ASSC offers a variety of workshops aimed to provide academic supplemental instruction:

          •    MyMathLab Graphing Workshop
          •    Style Guide Power Trio Workshop:
               •    MLA Workshop
               •    APA Workshop
               •    Plagiarism Workshop
          •    Honors Guide to Designing a Poster Presentation Workshop
          •    Anonymous Honors Poster Presentation Critique Workshop
          •    College Composition I Writing Workshops
          •    Typing Workshops
          •    ESL Workshops (Level 0-4)
          •    Exit Exam Prep Workshops
    • Program Achievements
        NCLCA Award Acceptance
        • 2019 Recipient of the National College Learning Center Association Frank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award for Two-Year Institutions
          During the 2019 National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) Conference, the Abegail Douglas Johnson (ADJ) Academic Support Services Centers were presented with the Frank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award for 2-year Institutions. The award was accepted by Natalia Vazquez-Bodkin and Kyle Woolley (both of whom initiated the award application) on behalf of the ADJ Academic Support Services Centers. Natalia and Kyle would like to extend their appreciation and thanks to AVP Christopher Wahl, Associate Dean Pamela Bandyopadhyay, fellow ADJ Team Members, and, most importantly, all of the ADJ Tutors, Academic Coaches, SI Leaders, and individuals who have assisted us in serving the students of HCCC.

          ●    National Tutoring Association Global Impact Award – 2018
          ●    Student Success Innovation Grant (New Jersey Council of County College’s Center for Student Success) - 2015
          ●    National Tutoring Association 2-Year College Program of the Year – 2014
          ●    5 – Year Title V Pick Up the Pace Grant (Transitional Program) - 2013
          ●    National Tutoring Association 2-Year College Program of the Year – 2011