• Registering at Hudson County Community College

    HCCC is an open-admissions institution, which means that anyone with a high-school diploma, and anyone who is 18 years of age or older and does not hold a high school diploma, is eligible to be admitted here.

    Registration is an easy, but multi-step process that includes applying for admission and then being evaluated and advised about classes and coursework.

    The College provides various opportunities each semester to register for classes. How you go about registering is determined by your current enrollment status.

    Priority Registration — or early registration — is for returning students, as well as for new students. Please check the current schedule for dates. Registering early is the best way to make sure you get the classes you want.

    Late Registration is also for returning and new students. Please be aware that during Late Registration, fewer classes may be available (particularly at certain times), and returning students are charged an additional fee.

    You may add or drop courses without penalty as long as you do so within the time period detailed in the term schedule, and have obtained the approval of the instructor or an academic advisor. If you wish to drop a course but do not submit the Add/Drop form, you will continue to be registered in the course, may receive an “F” grade, and will be held financially responsible for the course. Not attending class does not constitute a withdrawal., and sections may not be switched without officially notifying the Registrar’s Office and submitting the required paperwork.

    Remember, if you are receiving financial aid, withdrawing from a course may affect the amount of aid you receive. The Add/Drop Form is available here.

  • Contact Information

    HCCC Enrollment Services
    70 Sip Avenue - First Floor
    Jersey City, NJ 07306