Bernard Adamitey

Assistant Professor, Academic Foundations Mathematics

Bernard Adamitey
STEM, Room 405B
Journal Square Campus

M.S., City University of New York - College of Staten Island
B.S., City University of New York - Hunter College

Classes: Basic Math; Basic Algebra; College Algebra; and Statistics & Probability.

As a child and throughout his teenage years, Professor Adamitey gradually developed his love of Mathematics. He was privileged to work with instructors and classmates who challenged him, and inspired a love for the subject.

It has always been his desire to inspire others who face challenges similar to those he faced. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Professor Adamitey worked as a tutor helping students of all levels of Mathematics – from kindergarten to college students. He taught – teaching basic mathematical concepts to calculus. His desire is to help instill the discipline it takes to succeed in Mathematics while inspiring love for the subject. Since joining the HCCC Hudson County Community College family in 2018, has made it his mission to see to it that his goal is achieved.