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HCCC is committed to offering an array of resources and academic support services to accelerate your path to college readiness and graduation.

Flexible Course Schedules

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Both full-time and part-time students can take advantage of our flexible semester start dates:
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring 12-week term, and Online A and B. Students are encouraged to sign up for the Summer sessions to get a head start on pre-college and college-level courses before the Fall semester begins.

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Flexible Course Models

English: The English Department provides an accelerated pathway to ENG 101 for students who have placed into top level of Academic Foundations English courses. Students who are in level 3 of AF English are eligible to take ENG 101 in the same semester.

Math: The Academic Foundations Math Department offers 3 accelerated pathways to College Algebra MAT 100 depending on the math placement scores: Basic Math and Basic Algebra (7 week courses), Hybrid version of Basic Math and Basic Algebra (7 week courses) and Basic Algebra and MAT 100 (12 or 15 week courses) in the same semester.

The benefits of the ALP model for English, Math, and ESL include high expectations, shortened time to credit courses, student-centered, concurrent support for credit courses and progress toward degree attainment.

Contact: Advisement
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The Early College Program permits all high school juniors and seniors in Hudson County to enroll in up to 18 college-level credits per academic year and earn credits that may be applied towards a college degree upon high school graduation. Students participating in specific programs with partner high schools may have the opportunity to earn more credits or a full Associate Degree while still enrolled in high school.

Early College students can take a variety of general education courses such as College English, College Algebra, Intro to Psychology, Intro Sociology, and Speech. Upon graduation from high school, credits for the HCCC classes may be applied towards a degree.

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Learning Communities are pairs of two or more courses, often running a common theme. In a Learning Community, two or three professors coordinate class work, assignments, and field trips to assist the linked group of students discover and explore connections between distinct and seemingly unrelated fields of study.

Because of the supportive environment, LC student are less likely to withdraw from a course. The ESL Learning Communities provide specially designed reduced credit ESL courses that help LC students an accelerated ESL model. By taking reduced credit ESL courses, these LC students can save time and financial resources while they earn/accumulate college credits for the linked college courses.

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Pathways to Improving Course Placement

EdReady is a free online prep tool that is designed to help students brush up on Math and English skills. EdReady provides students with a pre-test and a personalized study path which is comprised of video, audio, adaptive practice exercises, interactive simulations.

Using EdReady prior to initial placement or re-test can help to ensure accurate Math and English course placement. Testing out of pre-college courses will help students save time and money.


Contact: Testing Center
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The EOF Summer Program is an intensive pre-college preparatory academic program designed to give first-time full-time student a head start on their college career. The goal of the summer program is to introduce initial students to the academic and social demands of college life, as well as prepare students for the transition into their Fall semester. 

The EOF Program provides an array of student and academic support services. As part of the EOF Summer Program, students take enrichment courses in either/both English and Math. Upon successful completion of the EOF Summer Program, students have the opportunity to improve course placement by re-testing (free of charge).

Contact: EOF
Phone: (201) 360-4180

Credit By Examination (Prior Learning)


College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and NYU Language Proficiency Exams prior learning assessment help students receive college credit for comprehensive subject knowledge acquired through independent or prior study, on-the-job training, or cultural pursuits to show that they have the understanding of college-level material. CLEP offers 33 examinations in Business, Composition and Literature, World Languages, History and Social Sciences and Science and Math. NYU’s School of Professional Studies offers 50+ language proficiency exams.

How will this accelerate my path to college-readiness/graduation?

CLEP and NYU Language proficiency exams help students save time and money by helping them earn credit for introductory courses, general education requirements, and foreign languages.

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