Dr. Jeanne Baptiste

Instructor, English

Dr. Jeanne Baptiste
Building C/D, Room 112
Journal Square Campus

Ph.D., M.A., B.A., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Classes: College Composition I; College Composition I with Basic Writing; College Composition II; College Composition II Honors; and Cultures and Values.

Dr. Baptiste’s more than twenty-five years of teaching and administrative experience spans high school to Ph.D. programs in the United States and abroad. Her courses have included English, European and World Literatures; African and Caribbean Studies; Speech; Feminist Epistemologies and Methodologies; Key Issues in Gender and Development; and Nation and Citizenship. She also coordinated a gender and development studies graduate program.

Her doctoral dissertation examined gender practices at a predominantly African-Trinidadian masjid in Trinidad and Tobago; and her research interests continue to percolate through issues of difference, intersectionality, intelligent communities, and technology.

In all of her courses, Dr. Baptiste promotes a deep sense of appreciation and respect for diversity. Most of all, she is committed to instructing her students from a position of love, caring, and compassion.