Dr. Nabil Marshood

Professor | Coordinator, Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. Nabil Marshood
STEM Building, Room 505-B

Ph.D., Sociology of Knowledge, Columbia University
M.A., Social Inequality, Hebrew University (Jerusalem)
B.A., Sociology of Religion, Hebrew University (Jerusalem)

Classes: Principles of Sociology; Sociology of the Family; Race & Ethnic Relations; Religion & Society; and Social Research Methods.

Dr. Marshood is a Fulbright Scholar, educator, and author. He is a recipient of the Mid-Career Fellowship from Princeton University, concentrating on social theory and sociology of religion. Dr. Marshood also received grants for offering lectures and community programs about peace, conflict resolution, and religious pluralism.

Dr. Marshood is the author of two books and numerous research articles. He co-authored a sociology book that is utilized by colleges nationwide, and has lectured at local, national, and international conferences. His research interest centers on the sociology of knowledge as it relates to religion and race relations, and on social institutions of family, education, and religion.

As a scholar and educator, Dr. Marshood believes in the transformative power of education for empowerment. He believes that knowledge is more than information, and higher education is a journey of liberation. Dr. Marshood enjoys teaching his students to advance their research plans, enhance their critical skills, and enrich their intellectual growth.