Kevin O’Malley

Professor, Culinary Arts

Kevin O’Malley
Culinary Conference Center, Room 204C
Journal Square Campus

M.S., Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.S., Farleigh Dickinson University
A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America 

Classes: Production Kitchen Skills I, Pantry and Breakfast Cookery, Introduction to Garde Manger,
Intermediate Garde Manger, and Advanced Garde Manger

Chef/Professor O’Malley was the first Instructor hired at the HCCC Culinary Arts Institute in 1983. He worked and trained at some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area including the Helmsley Palace Hotel, Hilton Corporation, and the Meadowlands Pegasus Restaurant. Chef/Professor O’Malley specializes in Cold Food production including ice sculptures, fruit and vegetable carving, and buffets. He is the co-author of books on melon sculpting and apple garnishing.

Chef/Professor O’Malley enjoys working with HCCC colleagues who share his appreciation of constantly training and inspiring future culinarians. He started the Ice Sculpting Club at HCCC in 1983 and served as advisor for many years. His contributions to every HCCC Foundation Gala have played a key role in their success. Chef/Professor O’Malley served on the Board of Advisors for Fairleigh Dickinson University. He received lifetime awards from the American Culinary Federation, and was honored at the prestigious James Beard Foundation by Fairleigh Dickinson University.