Mohamed Rafiq Siddiqui

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Mohamed Rafiq Siddiqui
STEM, Room 404
Journal Square Campus

M.A., B.S. - Computer Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Classes: Programming in C++; Python Programming; Java Programming; Visual Basics; Data Structures and Advanced Programming; Database Design; Operating Systems; Information Systems; Computer Logic and Discreate Mathematics; Networks.

Professor Siddiqui joined HCCC as an adjunct instructor in 2000 and became a full-time instructor that fall. He has developed many in-person, online and hybrid classes for the College’s Computer Science program, such as Introduction to Computers and Computing, Operating Systems, Information Systems, and Programming in C++.

Professor Siddiqui believes learning should be challenging, relevant and enjoyable, and creates an environment where students are able to participate more freely and view themselves as important class members. Professor Siddiqui believes each student has a unique set of experiences, perspectives, and learning styles. For this reason, he uses a variety of teaching techniques such as collaborative learning, peer tutoring, hands-on activities, and individualized instructions.  Professor Siddiqui provides students with well-rounded, understandable, and exciting lectures. He gives assignments and projects that encourage students to look beyond the classroom and envision themselves in thought-provoking situations they may encounter later on in their careers.  Professor Siddiqui is also Advisor to Computer Science students, and instituted the Computer Science Club. He received the 2003 NISOD Excellence Award for outstanding commitment and contribution to students and colleagues, and is the recipient of the 2014 Johnston Communications Award for Excellence in Teaching.