Ahmed Rakki

Assistant Professor | Coordinator, Mathematics

Ahmed Rakki
STEM, Room 304
Journal Square Campus

M.S., B.S., Pure Mathematics, University de Poitiers, France

Classes: Basic Mathematics; Basic Algebra, College Algebra; Mathematics Analysis I; Mathematics Analysis is II; College L Algebra; Probability and Statistics; Precalculus;, Calculus I; Calculus II; Calculus III; Differential Equations; Engineering Physics I; Engineering Physics II; Engineering Physics III; Physics I; Physics II.

Professor Rakki joined HCCC in 1997 as an adjunct faculty, and has been full-time faculty since 2005. He developed Calculus I and II honors courses and worked to create the HCCC STEM Café where students working on projects, homework, and lab assignments are assisted by faculty. Professor Rakki believes that providing an academic space where faculty and students can collaborate, discuss, and challenge one another in scientific matters is of the utmost importance. He served as faculty advisor for various student clubs and is the recipient of a National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) award.

Professor Rakki is passionate about making sure students become masters of fundamental mathematics and physics. He enjoys teaching Mathematics for the love for pure reasoning, number theory, and Fermat Theorem, connecting it to real world applications of Physics, Biology, and more. He has a special joy in reading textbooks of great mathematicians and physicists such as Laurent Schwartz, Richard Feynman, David Hilbert, Richard Dedekind, and Karl Weierstrass.