Dr. Fatma Tat

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Fatma Tat
STEM, Room 605C
Journal Square Campus

Classes Taught at HCCC Organic Chemistry I and II, College Chemistry I and II, Introduction to Chemistry

Personal Pronouns
Language(s) Spoken
English, Turkish
Turkey, United States
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Karaelmas University
M.S., Organic Chemistry, Uludag University
B.S., Chemistry, Uludag University
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Dr. Tat is a first-generation college student and has been working in higher education since 2017. After she completed her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, she was appointed as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Organic Chemistry at New York University and in the Department of Chemistry and Cell Biology at Rockefeller University. Respectively, she worked on the synthesis of novel fullerene derivatives for photophysical and biological evaluation at NYU and the design and synthesizing of innovative bioactive molecules for preclinical trials at Rockefeller University. She has also worked as a scientist at Immunomedics Biopharmaceutical Company, where she focused on cancer research and syntheses of cross-linkers and activated drug derivatives for antibody conjugations. She has published articles in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, Chemistry A European Journal, Chemical Communications, Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, Tetrahedron, Tetrahedron Letters, Electrochemical Society Proceedings, Synthetic Communications, Phosphorus-Sulfur and Silicon and Turkish Journal of Chemistry. She currently teaches Organic Chemistry I and II, College Chemistry I and II, and Introduction to Chemistry. She serves on Academic Senate and is the advisor for the HCCC Chemistry Club.

Dr. Tat has developed and reviewed online, in-person courses and lab manuals. She was the Academic Senate Co-chair, 2021-2023 and S-STEM Scholarship Coordinator and Co-Principal Investigator, 2020-2023. Dr. Tat served on Technology Committee, 2018-2020 and was also a Curriculum and Instruction Committee Member, 2020-2022. She received the Philip Johnston Award for Excellence in Teaching: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Classroom and NISOD Excellence Award in 2022.