Saliha Yagoubi

ESL/Bilingual Instructor

Saliha Yagoubi
North Hudson Campus (NHC), Room 703F
Personal Pronouns
Language(s) Spoken
English, Arabic, French, Spanish
United States, Algeria
Theory of Translation, La Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
Traduction et Interpretation, Universite d'Oran, Algeria
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Saliha Yagoubi is an experienced ESL/bilingual instructor. She also teaches public speaking and modern language courses. She possesses excellent language skills that enable effective communication with her students. Saliha's personal experience as a language learner allows her to easily relate to her students. She understands the challenges and struggles they face when acquiring a new language, which enables her to provide empathetic and tailored instruction.

Prior to becoming an ESL instructor, Saliha served as a translator and interpreter for immigrants and refugees at The International Institute of New Jersey and Americorps. Through this work, she realized that teaching English was the most impactful way for her to empower her community. Over the past 20 years, she has dedicated herself to teaching English as a Second Language. Her extensive experience has made her highly proficient in designing and implementing effective ESL courses. She has created a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of language learning. In addition to ESL instruction, she also teaches public speaking and modern language courses. These subjects align with her educational background and interests. She has also presented nationally at NJTESOL and NISOD. One of the most rewarding aspects of her teaching career is the diversity of her students' backgrounds. Having taught individuals from various cultures and countries, she appreciates the richness of cultural exchange in the classroom. This diversity has not only broadened her own perspective but has also allowed her to create inclusive and supportive learning environments for her students. Saliha is a dedicated and experienced ESL instructor who is passionate about empowering her students through language education.