Dr. Burl Yearwood

Dean of STEM

Dr. Burl Yearwood
STEM, Room 204

Ph.D., Organometallic Chemistry, Wayne State University

B.S., Chemistry, University of Alabama

Dr. Yearwood grew up and developed his interest in science on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. As an administrator and educator, Dr. Yearwood is passionate about the education and graduation of students from diverse backgrounds who are often underrepresented in higher education, particularly in STEM. He is also committed to the recruitment, development, and retention of a diverse faculty.

Dr. Yearwood oversees the HCCC programs in Advanced Manufacturing, Computer Sciences, Construction Management, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences. He also teaches Chemistry classes at HCCC.

Prior to joining HCCC, Dr. Yearwood was the Chairperson of the Natural Sciences Department at LaGuardia Community College, and a member of the City University of New York faculty. He taught Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Introductory Chemistry at LaGuardia Community College, and St. Louis Community College.

Dr. Yearwood’s doctoral research dealt with the preparation of precursors for the production of semi-conductors. He also conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Kentucky on the synthesis and characterization of organotin compounds, and their use as biocidal agents in marine paints.