Children on Campus Policy



Hudson County Community College (“College”) and its Board of Trustees (“Board”) recognize that our students, faculty, and staff shoulder many responsibilities in their lives, including, for some, the responsibility of caring for children. We work to foster a positive relationship with families by hosting family friendly events throughout the school year. 
When an extenuating circumstance occurs that would require parents or guardians to stay home to attend to their child(ren), they may be confronted with the difficult decision of whether to come to campus in the absence of a policy that provides discretion to instructors and/or supervisors to permit them to bring their child(ren) to campus. In adopting the below policy, the College is attempting to meet the needs of parents or guardians, while at the same time assuring that there will be little to no disruption to other members of the College community.


This policy applies to all actively enrolled College students, as well as College faculty and staff. The term “Child(ren)”, or any other variation of that term as used herein, is defined as a person under the age of eighteen (18). Children, along with their parent or guardian, may visit college offices and facilities, other than classrooms, for limited periods of time when their parent or guardian is conducting routine business at the college (e.g., registering for classes, etc.). In no event will children be permitted in or around areas where potential hazards exist, including but not limited to, food, biological, and chemical laboratories. It is required that children are always under the supervision of their parent or guardian, and it is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that their child(ren) are properly supervised at all times. This requirement stems from concerns for the safety and well-being of the child(ren). The College does not assume any responsibility for the caregiving or supervision of children on campus. 

Students, faculty, and staff who are parents or guardians with emergency childcare needs requiring their child(ren) to accompany them to class or work, must first request, and receive permission, from their instructor or supervisor within a reasonable timeframe. The instructor or supervisor should exercise discretion in granting this permission by considering the following factors: frequency of requests; age and/or behavior of the child; duration of the visit; nature of the classroom/work environment; and whether the environment offers a quiet and safe area in which the parent or guardian can supervise the child without interrupting or impeding on others' workspace, attention, or time.

The instructor/supervisor is not obligated to grant permission and their decision is final. If the instructor/supervisor approves the parent or guardian’s request, the request must first be discussed with the Office of Public Safety and Security to inform them of this approval as provided in the procedures offered by the appropriate offices and/or departments.
In matters related to College employees, the supervisor may work with the employee, when deemed appropriate, to offer an alternative working arrangement if the child is not permitted to be in the work environment, such as working alternative hours or remotely.

The College is committed to working with students who are parents or guardians of children who may be faced with challenges that could impact their ability to achieve their educational goals. Students with ongoing childcare concerns are encouraged to utilize the supports provided by the College, such as Hudson Helps Resource Center or the Single Stop Center. If students are unable to attend class because their child is not permitted to be in the classroom, they are encouraged to schedule a meeting with their applicable instructor during office hours, either in-person or virtually, to discuss their present situation. Students should be proactive in reaching out to their instructor to minimize any disruptions to their education, such as missed classroom work or assignments.

The Board delegates to the President the responsibility to develop procedures and guidelines for the implementation of this policy. The Office of Human Resources, in consultation with the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment, will ensure compliance with this policy in all student and personnel matters. 

Approved: August 2021
Approved by: Board of Trustees
Category: Children on Campus
Subcategory: Children on Campus
Scheduled for Review: August 2024
Responsible Office(s): Student Affairs and Enrollment, Human Resources

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