Hudson Scholars


Hudson Scholars is an innovative program designed specifically for new HCCC students.


Hudson Scholars offers a broad range of one-on-one support to aid students in their transition to college and life at HCCC. Students have an opportunity to receive personalized advisement and support, make connections with other students through campus activities and events, all while earning some extra money along the way - up to $625 per semester just for participating!
99% of Hudson Scholars who met with their counselor monthly returned for the following semester.
Students who participated in Hudson Scholars passed 90% of their classes in their first year at HCCC.
The average Hudson Scholar participant earned over $650 in their first year at HCCC.
Dr. Christopher Reber

Remarks from Dr. Christopher Reber

HCCC President

"The Hudson Scholars Program is a point of pride for all in our HCCC Family. It is the result of the College community’s collective commitment to the success of our students made possible through transformational and life-changing opportunities, and personal support and engagement. Hudson Scholars inspire us all with their dedication, commitment, and success. They are living manifestations of our College’s Mission. We further thank and celebrate our Hudson Scholars Program Academic Counselors for their phenomenal support of our students! The Hudson Scholars Program is a national model for community college best practices in promoting student success."


Hudson Scholars

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I really enjoy the program and I felt the one-on-one contact made me more confident. I felt like someone cared and I was not just another student.
Christina Arteta '23

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no application process for Hudson Scholars – if you meet the criteria, then you are selected to become a Hudson Scholar. Hudson Scholars need to be first-time students to Hudson County Community College enrolled in their first semester. They also need to be enrolled in at least 9 academic credits in an eligible program of study.

Hudson Scholars are notified of their selection into the program via email a few weeks prior to the start of each semester. Students receive regular communication from their Academic Counselor through HCCC email, as it is the official method of communication within the College.

To find the name of your Academic Counselor, you need to download the Navigate Student app. View the video below to find out how!

Instructions on how to download and use the Navigate Student app can be found by clicking here.

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Every 4 to 6 weeks Hudson Scholars will meet with their Academic Counselor to talk about their progress. At the same time, Hudson Scholars complete different Tasks that are designed to help students clarify their goals and succeed at HCCC. By meeting with their Counselor and completing these Tasks, Hudson Scholars will earn up to $625 per semester for about 7 hours of their time!

Hudson Scholars are assigned an Academic Counselor who will be their go-to person at HCCC for any help they may need with the transition to college. Academic Counselors will answer any question, refer students to campus offices, provide academic feedback from instructors, and generally support Hudson Scholars through their experience at HCCC. Hudson Scholars also has a variety of events planned so you can socialize with your peers, your counselors, and support services on campus.

Additionally, Hudson Scholars can earn up to $625 each semester in stipends!


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