Daniel Ondieki

Instructor, Mathematics

Daniel Ondieki
STEM, Room 306A
Journal Square Campus

Ed. D., Mathematics Education, Teachers College, Columbia University (Currently)
M.A., Mathematics Education, New Jersey City University
B.A., Mathematics Statistics and Economics, Egerton University
Certification for Online Teaching

Classes: Basic Mathematics, College Algebra, Mathematics for the Health Sciences, Mathematics for Business, Statistics, and Probability, Pre-Calculus for Business, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I & II

Professor Ondieki joined the HCCC community as an adjunct professor in 2016. Trained and nurtured from diverse educational settings, Professor Ondieki believes that providing an inclusive conducive learning environment is at the heart of every educator.

Although good instructors and talented students are both essential factors that influence performance, Professor Ondieki firmly believes that the amount of effort a person invests in teaching and learning is paramount.

Professor Ondieki was an instructor of Mathematics at New Jersey City University, a teacher of Algebra and Geometry at Newark School of Fashion and Design, and a Math tutor at the YMCA after-school program.