Accessibility Services (AS) Employees Appeal Procedure


The College has implemented this internal appeal procedure for employees with disabilities who have followed the proper procedures for requesting accommodations in a timely manner but believe that they have not been granted appropriate or denied reasonable accommodations, or believe that approved accommodations have not been effectively implemented.

The College will attempt, when practical, to first resolve all appeals through its informal process as outlined below. If this does not resolve the issue, the formal process will then be utilized to issue a decision following an investigation.

The AS appeal procedure does not supersede or replace other College policies and procedures.

The College prohibits any retaliation against individuals for filing an appeal or grievance.

Informal Process

  1. An employee may request that their accommodation request denial or implementation be reviewed and reconsidered by the AS Office.
  2. The appeal should be submitted in writing (see Appeal Form for guidance regarding needed information) to the AS Director, and should be done so as soon as possible after the denial or event serving as the basis for the appeal, in order to ensure a prompt and impartial review into the matter.
  3. The AS Director will review the request and any related documentation, and meet with the employee to discuss the appeal.
  4. The AS Director will respond to the employee in writing with their decision on the matter within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the request.
  5. If the employee is satisfied with the outcome of this process, the appeal will be considered resolved.  

Formal Process

  1. An employee who is not satisfied with the outcome of the Informal Process (above) may file a formal appeal. The appeal must be submitted on the Appeal Form to the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO). Again, the appeal should be filed as soon as possible after the decision/event that serves as the basis for the appeal.
  2. The CDO will review the appeal, any related documentation, consult with relevant parties, and meet with the employee.
  3. The decision by the CDO will be in writing to the employee and delivered within thirty (30) days of the submission of the appeal. The decision of the Chief Diversity Officer is final.

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