Academic Foundations English

Academic Foundations courses prepare students for college level English courses. They are the foundational learning needed for success in your college journey.

Academic Foundations English (AFE), also referred to as Basic English, offers classes which assist you in learning the skills that will provide the foundations for your future college success. Foundations classes help you brush up on your English skills and offer a pathway to college-level courses. Students are placed into one of several levels which fit their needs, but may progress to college-level at the end of any course if the necessary skill-set is met. Ultimately, the goal of Foundations is to give you the academic footing you need to succeed in college-level courses. 

Foundations Pathways

After completing English foundations learning, you will be able to move on to college-level English. There are three levels of AFE, the third of which allows you to take ENG 101 concurrently with a foundations course. AFE Levels 1 and 2 are comprised of co-requisite courses in English and Reading, while the last level has a co-requisite of ENG 101. The possibility to move on to ENG 101 can occur from any level of Basic English.
  • ENG 071 (3 cr.)
  • RDG 071 (3 cr.)

Total: 6 credits (co-requisite courses)


  • ENG 072 (3 cr.)
  • RDG 072 (3 cr.)

Total: 6 credits (co-requisite courses)


  • ENG 073 ALP (3 cr.)
  • ENG 101 ALP (3 cr.) *college-level course

Total: 6 credits (co-requisite courses)


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Next Steps

If you have tested into Academic Foundations English, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Use the links below to see the supports available to you and explore the possibilities awaiting you once you’ve completed this step in your academic journey.

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