Online Learning at HCCC Continues to Grow with Launch of Six New Fully Online Programs

November 21, 2023

HCCC’s 16 online programs make college education an affordable and convenient option for students around the corner and around the world.


November 21, 2023, Jersey City, NJ - With the launch of six new fully online programs in the past six months, Hudson County Community College continues to make significant strides in expanding access to college education and reaching more students than ever before through its robust catalog of online and hybrid courses. 

Powered by a dedicated team of online learning professionals, the Center for Online Learning (COL) at HCCC supports faculty across the College’s four Academic Schools in designing, developing, and delivering an innovative, interactive, and accessible online curriculum.

The addition of these six new fully online programs raises the total number of fully online programs offered through Hudson Online to 16. Notably, these programs are offered across a wide range of disciplines.


HCCC graduate Shannon Gallagher.

HCCC continues to expand its offerings of online programs and courses at a rapid pace.
Pictured: HCCC graduate Shannon Gallagher.

Newly added programs include a Certificate in Accounting, an Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education (Liberal Arts), an Associate of Arts in Elementary/Secondary Education (Liberal Arts), an Associate of Arts in Special Education (Liberal Arts), a Proficiency Certificate in Community Healthcare Navigator, and an Associate of Science in Health Services Option in Public Health. 

In addition to these fully online programs, most of the College’s 90+ programs can be completed partially online, and Hudson Online’s 150+ online and hybrid courses include a variety of online labs and electives. This affords students tremendous flexibility in scheduling their classes by removing barriers students often encounter in finding a course section that meets their needs. Over one-third of HCCC's students take one or more courses online each semester, and approximately 12% of students take their entire course load online. 

Hudson Online continues to build momentum. Enrollment in online courses has more than doubled from pre-pandemic levels, and the number of students taking all or most of the courses required for their degree online has increased by 400%. The College’s "new normal" following the pandemic demonstrates that demand for online learning in Hudson County and beyond continues to grow. HCCC President Dr. Christopher Reber stated “We firmly believe that online learning is a long-term opportunity that enriches lives and empowers our students and member of our community. We are proud to be a leading institution in this endeavor, and we are committed to continuing to expand our online offerings in the future."

HCCC’s online programs and courses meet the needs of various populations, including working professionals who are seeking career advancement and first-time students who prefer the convenience of online coursework. 

Executive Director of HCCC’s Center for Online Learning Matthew LaBrake states that “Expanding access to online learning is essential to our mission as a community college, providing members of Hudson County with equitable access to an education they might not be able to obtain otherwise. We are providing students who are working multiple jobs and raising children with a way to take classes in their free time. We provide students with health concerns or lack of transportation with a means to access an education from the comfort of their home.”

With full access to all support services that on-site students enjoy, online students don’t miss out on HCCC’s student-centered and supportive approach that led students to coin the College’s motto, “Hudson is Home.” These services include use of the College Library’s digital resources, 24/7 on-demand virtual writing and tutoring, accessibility services, personal mental health and wellness counseling, IT assistance, academic advising, and career coaching. Online students are also welcome to visit HCCC’s two campuses in Jersey City and Union City to take advantage of community spaces and in-person support services. 

Additionally, the Center for Online Learning (COL) offers an array of service options to students and faculty, including technical support and training, professional development workshops, and course design and maintenance. The COL also provides access to a wide variety of teaching and learning technologies used to deliver content and assessment, promote student engagement, encourage academic integrity, and ensure accessibility in our online courses.

At a time when many students are concerned about college affordability, Hudson Online provides significant value by offering the same high-quality educational experience that HCCC is known for at an economical price. No matter where students live, they can take advantage of the same in-county tuition rates as Hudson County residents, making online learning at HCCC a cost-effective option for students outside our community who may be looking to obtain a degree in a discipline not offered at their local community college. Online students are also eligible for financial aid, just like in-person students. 

The successful launch of so many new online courses is a testament to the strong spirit of collaboration between the Center for Online Learning and HCCC’s dedicated and supportive faculty who author the content for online courses. Reflecting on this productive relationship, Dr. Alison Wakefield, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, explains, “our administration and faculty have had a long and fruitful relationship working alongside the COL. The Executive Director and I came to our positions at approximately the same time and have been in sync from the beginning. Our vision for student success and our ability to assist students along their pathway to graduation is personally very gratifying. I could not be prouder to work with such dedicated colleagues.”

The breadth and depth of Hudson Online programming continues to grow, as does the quality of online courses, and LaBrake and the COL team aren’t slowing down any time soon. Additional online programs are on the way, including niche programs that will be nationally competitive in cutting-edge, in-demand areas, so stay tuned for more news about online learning at HCCC in the months ahead.  

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