If you’re trying to figure out your next steps at Hudson County Community College, stop by Advisement. We provide guidance and support to students by helping them to identify and achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals.

What sort of help do we offer?

Attending college can mean making a lot of choices, and that can be difficult when you’re not sure if you have all the information you need. That’s exactly what we do- help you figure out where you want to go in life, and how to get there.
Assist in course scheduling and planning towards graduation.
Help you break down the transfer process for an easy transition.
Career Exploration
Support you in figuring out your next steps after HCCC, and finding a career path that meets your goals. 

Our Advising Team is here to support you throughout your time at Hudson County Community College. Our staff are committed to helping you reach your goals and support you on your journey.

Advisement & Transfer Group Advising Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Attending college can leave you with a lot of questions, and that’s normal! Here’s some of the ones students typically ask us!

Yes, all matriculated (students with a declared major). You’re not in this alone, and we want to make sure you always have a support team to back you up. A few weeks into your first semester, you’ll receive an academic advisor who will be your go-to person until graduation. You may also have a faculty advisor assigned to you to answer any major-specific questions you may have.

This is a very common question students have, and there’s not always a simple answer. You can view our different majors here and see the different fields of study we offer. If you have a specific career in mind, you should research what the recommended majors are for that career to help narrow down your choice. You can also check out Career Coach.

While those courses do not count towards graduation, you may be required to take these courses depending on your placement. These courses will have a 0, like MAT 073 or ENG 071. They do, however, count towards your overall credit load for that semester. Talk to an advisor to find out what’s required for you.

Visiting students need to reach out to our Enrollment Services department so they can be registered for classes as a non-matriculated student. Any course that has a pre-requisite (required course you have to take beforehand) will require you to provide college-level transcripts. Remember that only degree-seeking students are eligible for financial aid.

If you plan to obtain an Associate degree or certificate, you would need to choose your major when you fill out your application. You will take the classes that are assigned to the major you pick.

If you plan only to take a few classes and do not intend to obtain your Associate degree, you would be considered a non-matriculated student. For more information on how to register as a non-matriculated student, you can visit the Enrollment Services page here.

No, you do not need to wait for your Financial Aid status to be complete in order to register for classes, but we encourage you to get it done as soon as possible. Make sure that it is set before the payment deadlines. For more information, you can visit Financial Aid's webpage here.

To obtain special accommodations for your classes, you can reach out to the Accessibility Services Office for more information.

This depends on a few things, mainly what type of student you are. For more information on how to register for classes, check out the Registering for Classes page. 

We have classes that start throughout the year. Our classes range in length from 15 weeks to 7 week accelerated online terms.

HCCC students can only pursue one major (one degree) at a time. We do not offer minors, but if you’re planning on transferring, you can ask about adding a minor then.  

Students can complete a degree and apply to earn a second degree. Student also can earn certificates, separate from their associate degree.

Are you a...?

  1. Prospective Student – Schedule of Classes
  2. Current Student – Registration Video

College-level students can take up to 18 credits per semester as long as they are in good Academic Standing. Since most of our classes are 3-credits, this usually tends to be 6 classes. In order to be a full-time student, you will need to take 12 credits, so students typically take between 4-5 classes each semester. Anyone wishing to take more than the 18 credit maximum would need their Division Dean's approval.

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