Credit Hour Assignment Policy



The purpose of the Policy on Credit Hour Assignment is to ensure that credit hours at Hudson County Community College (“College”) are assigned in a consistent manner across all credit-bearing programs and courses. Consistent assignment of credit hours has implications for students’ ability to transfer credits to other institutions of higher education, for federal and state funding, for the disbursement of financial aid, and for the College’s ability to comply with the standards of its institutional accreditor. 


The College and its Board of Trustees (“Board”) are committed to assigning credit hours in a manner that is compliant with regulations and guidelines promulgated by the U.S. Department of Education; the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education of New Jersey; and the College’s institutional accrediting agency, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The assignment of credit hours shall facilitate the delivery of high-quality academic programs and courses that maintain academic rigor in the conveyance of program and course content. The College and its Board charge the Office of Academic Affairs to assign credit hours across the College’s credit-bearing programs and courses in a consistent and compliant manner. 
The Board delegates to the President the responsibility to develop procedures and guidelines for the implementation of this policy. The Office of Academic Affairs shall be responsible for implementing the procedures and guidelines developed for this policy. 

Approved: October 2021
Approved by: Board of Trustees
Category: Academic Affairs
Subcategory: Credit Hour Assignment
Scheduled for Review: October 2024
Responsible Department: Academic Affairs

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