Standards of Academic Progress Policy



The purpose of the Policy on Standards of Academic Progress and Academic Standing is to ensure Hudson County Community College (“College”) students are making timely, consistent, and meaningful progress towards their academic credentials. 


The College and its Board of Trustees (“Board”) are committed to fulfilling the College’s mission as an open-access institution and to delivering high-quality and rigorous academic programs and courses. They are also committed to ensuring students make meaningful progress towards completing their academic credentials and adhering to standards representing sufficient academic progress. To this end, the College and its Board charge the Office of Academic Affairs to promote standards of academic progress and academic standing in support of students’ success. 
The Board delegates to the President the responsibility to develop procedures and guidelines for the implementation of this policy. The Office of Academic Affairs shall be responsible for implementing the procedures and guidelines developed for this policy.

Approved: October 2021
Approved by: Board of Trustees
Category: Academic Affairs
Subcategory: Standards on Academic Progress and Academic Standing
Scheduled for Review: October 2024
Responsible Department: Academic Affairs

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