Human Resources Policy



The purpose of this policy on Human Resources is to ensure effective and efficient personnel practices and programs that support a diverse employee workforce and an inclusive and engaged working community.


The College and its Board of Trustees (“Board”) are committed to supporting a highly qualified, professional, talented, inclusive and diverse workforce within its faculty, staff and administration. The College is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, and caring working environment for its employees. The Office of Human Resources leads and supports fair, equitable and inclusive processes in all office operations and employment practices. These include recruitment, screening, hiring, onboarding, retention, employee relations, training and development, investigations, employee records, labor relations management and compliance, classification, promotion, transfer, termination, salary, compensation and benefits, recognition, and programming.

The Board delegates to the President the responsibility for developing Human Resources procedures consistent with this policy. The Office of Human Resources will be responsible for implementing the policy in all Human Resources programs, services, and activities.

Approved: November 2022
Approved by: Board of Trustees

Category: Human Resources
Scheduled for review: November 2024
Responsible Office(s): Human Resources



Position Review

  1. Overview
    The purpose of this procedure is to ensure effective and efficient practices pertaining to requests for employee position review or title reclassification in accordance with the policy on Human Resources that supports a diverse employee workforce and an inclusive and engaged working community. The employee reclassification process provides employees with the opportunity to request a position review when a substantial change in job responsibilities in an existing position held by employees may make the position eligible for reclassification or other changes, and/or when an employee believes a review is warranted for any other reason.
  2. Request
    Employees or supervisors may request a position review in writing to the Vice President for Human Resources or designee when they believe a review is warranted. Employees are encouraged to discuss the request with their immediate supervisor and Supervising Cabinet Member before submission to the Office of Human Resources. Employees or supervisors should provide supporting documentation of the change in the scope of work, level of responsibility,  authority, or other relevant materials. Documentation may include a current and a proposed job description, listing any new or additional job duties, and any other relevant information.
  3. Review
    The Office of Human Resources will review the request and any supporting documentation, with consultation from the immediate supervisor and the Supervising Cabinet Member. A review will determine whether the proposed reclassification merits consideration. A documented change in job duties may not necessarily warrant a reclassification nor constitute work beyond the original classification's scope.
  4. Recommendation
    Informed by the supporting information provided, the Office of Human Resources may recommend no changes in job title or responsibilities, the need for a reduction in volume of work or the assignment of additional staff, or that the new or proposed duties are beyond the scope of the assigned job responsibilities of the original classification, supporting a title and/or position reclassification. The Office of Human Resources will also assess any appropriate salary adjustment. The employee will have an opportunity to meet with all relevant parties to review the recommendation.
  5. Approval
    The Office of Human Resources will make a recommendation to the President. Informed by the feedback received from the Office of Human Resources and in consultation with the Supervising Cabinet Member, the President will recommend any resulting action to the Board of Trustees for Board review and approval. 

Approved: January 2024
Approved by: Cabinet
Category: Human Resources
Scheduled for Review: January 2027
Responsible Office(s): Human Resources


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