Achieving the Dream

HCCC is laser-focused on student success.

Our Vision for Student Success

Hudson County Community College is committed to engaging every student through a culture of care grounded in equitable, inclusive, and holistic supports. We empower our community of scholars to achieve their personal, academic, and professional dreams and goals. We maintain a steadfast focus on student success including degree completion, transfer pathways, gainful employment, and engaged civic participation.

Our Student Success Goals

These two priorities guide all of our student success work at HCCC.
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Increase fall-to-fall persistence for first-time/full-time students from 58% to 64% by June 2024.

Key Strategies: Address equity gaps through optimizing ESL and Academic Foundations Pathways to minimize attrition and set students on a path towards their academic goals/program.

Create a culture of care that supports students in persisting (fall-to-fall) from 61% to 67% by June 2024.

Key Strategies: Address equity gaps by promoting a culture of care through: Leveraging the roles of student leaders; Removing barriers that prevent students from persisting; Expanding services provided by Hudson Helps; and, Engaging students with academic supports.

Read the complete Student Success Action Plan here.

At HCCC, every voice matters. Listen to what our students have to say about how HCCC supports their success.


HCCC Alumna Crystal Newton shares her thoughts on how HCCC helped her reach her goals. 


HCCC Student and Peer-Leader Tyler Sarmiento shares his thoughts on how HCCC is helping him make his dreams a reality. 

Out of the Box Podcast - Achieving the Dream (ATD)

January 2021
In this episode, Dr. Reber is joined by student leaders Crystal Newton and Tyler Sarmiento to discuss their experiences with Achieving the Dream (ATD), a national initiative to remove barriers to education and help community college students succeed.

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Student Success in Action

Explore the resources below to learn about the latest developments in HCCC’s Student Success work.
Student Walking


Happenings is HCCC’s monthly newsletter. Click here to read this month’s Student Success update.


Student Success Town Hall

As part of their October 2020 virtual visit, HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches participated in a Town Hall session. Listen here.


Timeline of Our Student Success Work

In 2019, HCCC became an Achieving the Dream member institution. Here is a roadmap of our journey.
  • July 1, 2018: Dr. Christopher M. Reber begins his tenure as President of HCCC.
  • December 2018: Dr. Karen Stout, President and CEO of Achieving the Dream visits campus and presents on Achieving the Dream’s mission.
  • December 2018: A survey is distributed to the entire college community through HCCC’s governance body following Dr. Stout’s presentation. An overwhelming majority of respondents endorse HCCC joining Achieving the Dream.
  • January 2019: The Board of Trustees approves Resolution for HCCC to join Achieving the Dream, and HCCC submits its application to join the 2019 Cohort of New Member Colleges. 
  • February 2019: An 11-person team attends DREAM 2019.  
  • June 2019: Kickoff Institute for New Member Colleges in Phoenix, Arizona
  • August 2019: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches made their first visit to campus
  • September 2019: A team from HCCC attended the Data and Analytics Summit in College Park, Maryland
  • November 2019: HCCC completed the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT)
  • November 2019: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches made their second visit to campus
  • November 21, 2019: Capacity Café event
  • February 2020: A team, including eight students, attended DREAM 2020 in National Harbor, Maryland
  • March 2020: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches made their third visit to campus
  • July 31, 2020*: Action Plan submitted. 
    *Deadline extended due to COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • October 2020: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches made their first visit of Year Two. (Virtual visit due to COVID-19 pandemic.)
  • February 2021: DREAM 2021
  • March 2021: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches made their second visit of Year Two. (Virtual visit due to COVID-19 pandemic.)
  • May 2021: Annual Reporting Due
  • Fall 2021: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their first visit of Year Three to campus 
  • February 2022: DREAM 2022
  • Spring 2022: HCCC’s Leadership and Data Coaches make their second visit of Year Three to campus.
  • May 2022: Annual Reporting and Assessment of Overall Progress Due

Dr. Heather DeVries
Chair of HCCC’s Achieving the Dream Initiative
70 Sip Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Interested in learning more about Achieving the Dream? Visit the organization’s webpage at