Academic Affairs


Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all operations of the Academic Branch and provides leadership for administrative and academic programs. Academic Affairs is responsible for helping students and faculty achieve their academic and professional goals.

Led by the Vice President, the Office of Academic Affairs' major responsibilities include academic planning, programs, support services, policy, budgets, and faculty affairs. In addition, the Division provides oversight of academic governance, appointments, advancements, research of administrative support and compliance, and production of the College’s catalog and courses.

Along with the School Deans, directors, and department heads, Academic Affairs administers existing programs, reviews and revises programs, and develops new programs. The Division facilitates academic policies, procedures and standards for students and faculty.

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Academic Freedom

Hudson County Community College recognizes high quality, diversity, and adaptability to new ideas among its tenured faculty and has confidence that such characteristics can be retained and advanced through proper use of in-service training, and promotion policies, coupled with fair and humane working conditions. Continuous appointment of a significant proportion of the College's faculty provides continuity of educational leadership, fosters institutional and community loyalty and participation, and affords the protection of academic freedom.
General Education

General Education


Academic Committees

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Academic Year 2021-22 Membership

  • Heather DeVries, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assessment | Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Bernard Adamitey, Assistant Professor, Academic Foundations Mathematics
  • Alison Bach, Associate Professor, English | Chair, General Education Committee
  • Miki DeLaFleur, Librarian
  • Karen Hosick, Instructor, Exercise Science
  • Ara Karakashian, Dean of Business, Culinary, Arts, and Hospitality Management
  • Kewal Krishan, Assistant Professor, Academic Foundations Mathematics
  • Patrick J. Moore, Professor, Psychology
  • Victoria Orellana, Registrar
  • Catherine Sweeting, Associate Professor, English
  • Fatma Tat, Instructor, Chemistry
  • Irma Williams, Associate Registrar
  • Carrie Rong Xiao, Instructor, Accounting

Academic Year 2021-22 Membership

  • Alison Bach, Associate Professor, English  | Chair
  • Lisa Bogart, Librarian
  • Lori Byrd, Assistant Director, Nursing Program
  • Shannonine Caruana, Associate Professor, English as a Second Language
  • Claudia Delgado, Assistant Professor, Academic Foundations Mathematics
  • Heather DeVries, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assessment | Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Fidelis Foda-Kahouo, Instructor, Mathematics
  • Mohammad Qasem, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Gilda Reyes, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Speech and Communication Studies
  • Paula Roberson, Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation
  • Richard Walker, Lecturer, Criminal Justice
  • Elana Winslow, Assistant Professor, Business

Contact Information

Academic Affairs
70 Sip Avenue - 4th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 360-4010