For some students, graduating is the first of many steps before entering their career. HCCC is here to help you during that transfer process.


How do I prepare to transfer?

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is highly recommended so you can take control of your academic career and stay on track for graduation. It is encouraged for you to speak with your advisor to make a plan for graduation and onward.

You are also able to use the timeline feature on LibertyLink to plan ahead.


Applying to new school

Whichever 4 year college or university you plan on attending, you must follow their guidelines for applying. HCCC does offer instant decision days for certain universities that we partner with, you can find their information here.


Ordering transcripts

You would need to order your transcripts in order to show your new college/university what classes you have taken so far and your final grades.

Click here to request a transcript.


Will my credits transfer?

The Lampitt Law is designed to protect your credits as a transfer student. Students who earn an A.A. or an A.S. are eligible for protection under the Lampitt Law.

NJ Transfer

NJTransfer is a website designed to assist students in New Jersey with making smooth transitions between community colleges and four-year universities. The website serves as a valuable resource for students, providing detailed information on transfer agreements, course equivalencies, and degree requirements across all participating colleges and universities in the state. By simplifying the transfer process, NJTransfer aims to increase access to higher education and help students achieve their academic goals.


Where can I transfer to?

HCCC Students have transferred to many different universities both in the state of New Jersey and nationally.

HCCC has agreements with different universities here in New Jersey to allow for a more seamless transfer for our students.

Visit our Transfer and Dual Admission Programs page.


Have more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions About Transferring 

Click here to download our Transferring Fact Sheet.