Out of the Box - 2022

Hudson County Community College's Podcast Series

Hosted by Dr. Chris Reber, HCCC President -- Tune in to our monthly podcast for timely discussions about education, the community, programs, events, issues, and solutions that affect the people of Hudson County. Each podcast will feature guest speakers, including HCCC students!

Goldman Sachs Local College Collaborative

This month, Dr. Reber is joined by HCCC Faculty Mentor, Karen Hom-Galli; and HCCC collaborative team member, Ella Mukasa.

Culinary Arts Institute

This month Dr. Reber is joined by Dr. Ara Karakashian, Associate Dean, Business, Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management, and  Paula Pereira Hartmann, HCCC Alumna (Class of 2020), Owner of Peanut Butter Jelly Pastries.

The YearUp Program

This month Dr. Reber is joined by Sheree Hicks, Project Manager from YearUp, and HCCC Student, Kevin Gajraj to discuss the YearUp Program.

Student Poet Laureate Program

In this episode, Dr. Reber is joined by Eric Adamson, Assistant Professor of English, and HCCC’s first-ever Student Poet Laureate, Natalie Akel.