Verification and Forms


If an application is selected for verification, we are required to verify major data elements in the financial aid application. Additional documents may be requested to complete processing of the aid request. Notification of these additional required documents is available on the student’s portal: MyHudson Self-Service Financial Aid portal.

Financial Aid Digital Forms

The following ELECTRONIC FORMS (eForm) are available to assist you with completing your financial aid paperwork faster and more efficiently.

  • The ELECTRONIC FORMS will require a valid email address for you and, if applicable, your parent. A validation code will be sent to the email address you enter on the initial screen and must be obtained to continue completing and signing the online form. These online forms are federal e-signature compliant and allow you and/or your parent to sign and upload any required documentation.
  • The upload icon (paper clip) is used to attach your required documentation, if needed. Scan the documentation to your computer and then upload it using the icon.
  • Once you click finish and all appropriate signatures are provided (student and/or parent), you will receive a confirmation email. Please retain a copy of the “Your document has been completed” email for confirmation purposes, as it can serve as documentation of when you submitted the required form.
  • Tip: Please put N/A or Not Applicable if the box or field does not apply to you. E-Forms work best using Internet Explorer or Chrome.


Verifications Forms

Our Goal is to provide you tools and resources so that you can complete your financial aid application. If you have questions about the verification process, we're here to provide you with personal support. Our team is here to help you throughout the process.



Contact Information

Financial Aid Office
Phone: (201) 360-4200 / (201) 360-4214
Text: (201) 744-2767