Fall Harvest Pies


Learn the art of creating delicious, comforting pies that showcase the rich flavors of fall. This class is perfect for both beginners and experienced bakers looking to expand their repertoire.

Highlights of the class include:

  1. Seasonal Ingredients: Learn how to incorporate fresh fall produce like apples and cranberries into delicious pie fillings.
  2. Mastering Pie Crust: Discover the secrets to making the perfect pie crust - flaky, tender, and golden brown. We'll cover techniques for mixing, rolling, and shaping the dough to achieve professional-level results.
  3. Creative Decorative Techniques: Elevate your pies with decorative techniques like lattice tops, braids, and decorative cutouts. Learn how to add those finishing touches that make your creations truly stunning.
  4. Tips for Perfect Baking: Understand the science behind baking to ensure your pies come out of the oven with a beautiful, golden crust and a perfectly set filling every time.

Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting out, this Fall Harvest Pies Class promises to inspire your culinary creativity and leave you with a new set of skills to impress your guests during the autumn season.

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