Asphalt Certified Technician

Asphalt Certified Technician

No Prerequisites Required
Total Hours: 16

This course is instrumental for the construction management students and professionals in their preparations for the NICET Certification and NJSAT (New Jersey Society of Asphalt Technologists) exams. This certification is designed for the inspectors, consultants, and contractors who are responsible for project inspection, quality control, quality assurance and management of asphalt pavement operation. The certification in asphalt construction will provide the required standard of competence and facilitate the path of competitive advantage, more job opportunities, a higher pay scale, and job security.

To keep updated with changing trends in asphalt construction, it is necessary that students are equipped with the technical knowhow of modern asphalt construction. This certification course will develop specialized skills and will update them with the current research, technological changes, and prevailing regulations. It will also enable the students to understand the safety, sustainability, and environmental aspects of the asphalt construction. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of asphalt construction procedures and field inspection. Students will learn sampling, soil characteristics, aggregate types and their behavior, asphalt mix design, and latest field practices.

Roadways/Highways play a crucial function in modern society as they provide increased mobility for people, goods, and services.  They play a key role in the country’s progress and continue to drive the socio-economic growth.  Current urbanization trends dictate that asphalt construction is more cost efficient, safe and durable.  The intent of this certification is to provide students a better understanding of asphalt construction, since asphalt construction is more durable, safe, environmentally friendly and provides better road visibility in all weather conditions. 

Due to continuous evolving trends in asphalt construction, the market demands high quality asphalt construction. The course is designed to train students about latest trends in asphalt construction. Students will learn:.

  1. Working knowledge of all aspects of asphalt construction.
  2. Mathematical calculations to determine the work quantities.
  3. Basic engineering principals involved during construction process.
  4. Characteristics of the material used in asphalt construction.
  5. Operations of an asphalt plant.
  6. Broad general knowledge of asphalt materials, production, and construction procedures


Student Learning Outcomes/Objectives

Upon successful course completion, students will be able to:

  1. Develop a basic knowledge and concepts related to asphalt construction.
  2. Identify typical problems in asphalt constructions, their causes, and solutions.
  3. Apply mitigation techniques and newly develop procedures and practices.
  4. Recognize the duties of an inspector for the provision of the quality and safe roadway.

Class material and case study will help to achieve the above listed objectives.


Detailed Outline of Topics

Orientation, description of course intent, schedule, expectation from students

Asphalt Construction
Introduction, purpose of inspection, qualification of inspector, sampling and testing, equipment, records, safety, asphalt, aggregates, gradation analysis of aggregates, mix design, plant inspector, batch plant operations, AASHTO & ASTM Tests.

Student Learning Objectives (SLO)
1, 2

Placement of Asphalt
Placement of asphalt, surface preparation, paving equipment, delivery of hot mix, inspection of placed asphalt, compaction, compaction principles, Types of rollers, rolling procedures, pavement acceptance, requirements, and verifications.

Test based on the delivered lecture.

Student Learning Objectives (SLO)
2, 3, 4


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