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A caring college community is one in which students, faculty, and staff look out for each other. CARE is an acronym for “A Caring Approach to Respond and Empower.” The CARE team is prepared to respond to your concerns during this time and always.

The Hudson County Community College CARE Team strives to maintain a healthy, welcoming, and safe campus environment.  The HCCC CARE Team, in partnership with the college community, will engage in proactive approaches to address concerning behavior.

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The contents of this website and the resources linked to it are intended to assist students, faculty, and staff link to additional services not available at Hudson County Community College. Nothing you read on the Hudson C.A.R.E. (S) pages is meant to substitute for or otherwise replace actual face-to-face professional counseling when trying to access concrete services.  Linked resources available from this website are composed independently by sources outside of HCCC services and  cannot be held responsible for any content on those links. Any link to an outside resource does not indicate HCCC endorsement of that service.

Emergency …. 
In the case of an emergency, immediately call the police via 911, or call campus security
Emergency Telephone Numbers:
Safety and Security: 201-360-4080

Police – 911


Meet the CARE Team      
David Clark Denise Rossilli Joseph Caniglia Jennifer Christopher Dr. Chris Conzen
​Dr. David Clark

Dean of Student Affairs,


Denise Rossilli
LPC, LMHC and Assistant
Professor, Human Services,
​Joseph Caniglia
Executive Director
North Hudson Campus
​Jennifer Christopher
Director of Communications
Dr. Chris Conzen
Executive Director Secaucus
Lisa Dougherty Veronica Gerosimo Kathy Smith-Wenning Anna Krupitskiy Doreen Pontius
Dr. Lisa Dougherty
Senior Vice President for Student
Affairs and Enrollment
​​Veronica Gerosimo
Assistant Dean, Student
Life and Leadership
Kathy Smith-Wenning
Director of Health Programs
​Anna Krupitskiy
Vice President for Human
​Doreen Pontius
LCSW, Director of
Mental Health and Wellness
Yeurys Pujols Jack Quigley Danielle Lopez Katherine Morales Deliana Acosta
Yeurys Pujols
Vice President for Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion
​Jack Quigley
Executive Director, Public
Safety and Security
Danielle Lopez 
Director, Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion-Accessibility

Katherine Morales
Director, Hudson
Helps Resource


Deliana Acosta
Social Worker
North Hudson


Thomas Lawson Amaalah Ogburn Tejal Parekh    

Thomas Larson
LCSW, Mental
Health Counselor



Amaalah Ogburn
Associate Director
North Hudson Campus



Tejal Parekh, MSW
EOF Counselor



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Additional Support

Mental Health logo Accessibility Services logo Hudson Helps logo Safety and Security logo
Mental Health
Counseling & Wellness
Accessibility Services Hudson Helps
Resource Center
Safety & Security
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Suicide and Crisis Lifeline - 988If you or someone you know needs support now, call or text 988 or chat

                                                                                 Suicide Prevention



Domestic Violence

Talk Campus Logo
Mental Health Counseling & Wellness would like to introduce you to another mental health resource for HCCC students TalkCampus:  A reminder that all requests for Mental Health Counseling or referrals please complete General Care and Concern Form.
TalkCampus is here!  FREE for All HCCC students. We have partnered with Talk Campus resources available 24 hours, seven days a week. They will connect you with instant peer to peer support.  
It is a safe place to be can be anonymous or not, talk about anything JUDGEMENT FREE. “Your boyfriend broke up with you, Your dad is annoying, you are stress over school, covid19 doesn’t 
matter.” No Suffering in Silence talk with someone!   
TalkCampus also provides free Guided Meditations, wellness tips, sleep tips, and also Journaling. 
Easy as – One – Two- Three someones is here for me. 
1. Download the mobile app on Google Play or the App Store.  
2. Click on the sign-up button on the home page of the app. 
3. Enter your college provided email address and choose a password. 

Additional Resources

​Mental health referrals, concerning behavior, code of conduct, miscellaneous concerns. Click Here


Students need a laptop, student/staff has tested positive for COVID-19. Click Here


​Student has a financial concern directly related to COVID-19; student has other financial emergency that is a barrier to success. Click Here


Click Here for several resources


Click Here for additional resources

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