Community Resources

Foundational Resources

The following resources are foundational text in the DEI Community.


ATIXA Title IX Training

Inner Work (Worksheets)

Community engagement means to have community involvement from beginning to the end, which fuels the passion that drives any movement. Seeing yourself in the movement is how we can begin to lift our cause higher. The beauty in community engagement is finding individuals who share the same experiences as us and finding space to see ourselves in one another, rising together in unity. It all starts with beginning an inner conversation with yourself, and expanding to dialogue with your community.

Climate Survey

In the spring of 2019 a request from several members of the All College Council and several other areas of the college suggested the college work to ensure the college was operating at the highest level of DEI. One of the council’s initial activities was to launch the campus climate survey. The goal of the campus climate survey was to collect perspectives, data, and insights of the entire college community.


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