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To keep your financial eligibility, students must maintain certain academic standards, also known as satisfactory academic progress. At HCCC, the satisfactory academic progress is determined annually. The federal regulations require that students must meet or exceed SAP standards in order to be eligible for financial aid. The standards apply to all financial aid applicants and to all college coursework taken, including coursework taken from outside colleges.

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Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Qualitative Measure (Financial Aid GPA). You must maintain a Minimum Cumulative Financial Aid GPA of 2.0 to maintain financial aid assistance eligibility. For the purpose of determining financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress, a financial aid GPA will be calculated – ESL and Academic Foundation grade points/credit hour will be included in the financial aid GPA calculation.

Students must successfully complete 66.67% of hours attempted to maintain financial assistance eligibility. Both Completed and Attempted credits include all Remedial, ESL, and college level credits. Grades Failing (F), Withdraw (W), I, R and NP will be counted as credits attempted. Transfer credits hours will be counted as both attempted and completed hours.

Students must successfully complete their coursework within 150% of the credit hours needed for their current degree to maintain financial assistance eligibility. For example, if a student's degree requires 66 credits, they must complete their program within 99 credits. Once a student has attempted more than 99 credits, they are no longer eligible for financial aid.

Each appeal is reviewed on a case by case basis. Submission of an Appeal does not guarantee reinstatement of eligibility for financial aid. In evaluating the merits of the Appeal, HCCC will review the student’s explanation of his/her special circumstances and verify if the explanation is consistent with the past academic records and performance. To ensure students are eligible, HCCC will identify and resolve conflicting information submitted in the Appeal prior to disbursement of Title IV program funds.



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Non-Required Courses

Courses that are not required in the student’s academic program are not eligible for federal financial aid.  Required Prerequisite Coursework: If you are required to complete prerequisite or preparatory courses for admission into a program, those coursework are not eligible for federal Pell grant.


Remedial Credit Limitation

The maximum number of remedial credits attempted for which aid may be received is 30 credits. Once you attempt more than 30 remedial credits, aid will only be paid for college level credits (100 level and above). This may result in the reduction on enrollment status for purposes of awarding federal aid. English as a Second Language (ESL) courses do not count against this limit.


Repeated Coursework

Students may no longer receive federal student aid for a previously passed course more than once. For instance, if a student has both passed a course with a “D” grade and failed that same course with an “F” grade, he or she cannot receive federal student aid to pay for that course again.

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