Information for Students


The Center for Online Learning (COL) team would like to extend a warm welcome to students in Hudson County Community College’s online courses.

Video Guide to Online Learning at HCCC

The Video Guide consists of six bite-sized videos that provide an overview of Canvas functionality and online course navigation. We encourage you to watch it whether you are in an online, hybrid, remote, or face-to-face course. You can access it anytime via the “Get Help” option in Canvas, or watch it right now!

In-county tuition rates for online majors

Students enrolled exclusively in Hudson Online programs students are offered in-county tuition rates, no matter where they live. If you are an out-of-county, fully online student, consider changing your major to reflect your fully online status to get the lower tuition rate. For more information, contact the the Advisement and Transfer Office at advisingFREElive.HUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE.


Canvas FAQ for Students

Q: Is my course in Canvas?
A: Every course has a Canvas site. If your course is fully online or hybrid (check the course code for ON or HY), your course content will be in Canvas. For remote and on-ground courses, the amount of course content posted in Canvas is dependent on the instructor. If you are not sure, contact your instructor directly.

Q: How do I find my course in Canvas?
A: When you log in to Canvas, your courses will appear on your Dashboard or when you click “Courses” on the left-hand menu. Your courses will be available in Canvas 24 hours after registration. Be mindful that your courses won’t be visible in Canvas until one week prior to the first day of class.

Q: Do I need a computer to take online classes?
A: Yes, you need reliable access to a computer and to the internet. Canvas has a mobile app, but we do not suggest using the app as your only connection. If you do not have a computer, you may qualify for a Chromebook loaner through HCCC. To apply, fill out this form.

Q: How is attendance taken in an online course?
To receive credit for attendance for a given week, students must post something on Canvas, whether it’s a graded discussion post, an assignment, or a quiz. Just logging in to Canvas is not enough to receive credit for attendance. Note that attendance is required for Financial Aid.

Q: What if I have more questions about Canvas?
A: Canvas provides 24/7 live support to all HCCC students via phone by calling (833) 225-1548. You can also contact the Center for Online Learning at COLFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE. For login issues, contact Information Technology Services at itshelpFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE

Q: Is there a Mobile/Smartphone App for Students for Canvas?
A: Yes there is! For more information and download instructions go to the Canvas Mobile Users page. Note: Don’t use the smartphone app to take quizzes.


Student Resources

Student Workshops
Learn Canvas basics. We will show you how to login to Canvas and to access your course. The workshop will cover the Canvas basics, including how to complete assignments, interact with teachers, and view your grades. Check for upcoming workshops by viewing COL events on Involved.

Hudson Online Student Orientation
Students taking online and hybrid courses are automatically enrolled in a self-paced introduction to online learning course in Canvas. This course gives students the opportunity to interact in an online course, practice assignments, test communications, and utilize educational technologies within Canvas. Online students who successfully complete the orientation course earn a certificate from the Center for Online Learning!

Free Online Tutoring
Students can get free online tutoring or writing help with Smarthinking Online Tutoring. Smarthinking offers 24/7 online tutoring in more than 150 subject areas, including math, science, business, Spanish language, technology, nursing, health sciences, reading, and writing! Students can access Smarthinking in the left-hand menu of your Canvas course.

Students at HCCC can use Smarthinking to:

  • Work with a tutor or career coach
  • Submit a question
  • Submit writing or career documents
  • Review sessions and submissions



24/7 Canvas Support
Canvas provides 24/7 live support to all HCCC students via phone by calling (833) 225-1548 or emailing Students can also receive around the clock support from Canvas via online chat. Click the Help icon on the green navigation bar in Canvas for other support options.

IT Help Desk
If you need help with your HCCC username and password or are having technical difficulties, email itshelpFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE or call the Help Desk at (201) 360-4310.

Contact Your Instructor
If you have a question about course content or assignments, send a message to your instructor by clicking ‘Inbox’ on the Global Canvas menu or by going to the Help menu and clicking “Send a message to your instructor.” Be sure to use your HCCC email address to contact instructors, or it may be labelled as spam and filtered out by the email system.

Center for Online Learning
For additional questions and support, call us!

Our online courses are accessible through Blackboard Ally. If you need any help please let us know at colFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE. Help is also available from our Accessibility Services Office.

If you are taking an online or hybrid course, you must have access to a computer and a reliable, fast internet connection. Always use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome, and set your browser to allow pop-ups.

Make sure you have the latest versions of :
        • Microsoft Office. Get Microsoft 365
        • Be familiar with creating documents
        • Be familiar with using your HCCC email account

 • Adobe Acrobat Reader (

 • Adobe Flash Player ( )

 • JRE (

You may also a camera/mic in order to join interactive video discussions or participate in web-camera-enabled proctoring. For online exams, you may need a secure environment and be prepared to show your face and location.

Please note that although we do not require a specific operating system, Macs do not support Microsoft Access, and you will need to use a PC in courses that require Microsoft Access.

Instructors contact students via HCCC email. Be sure to check your HCCC email regularly. There is a section on how to communicate through email in the student orientation.

The institutional complaint process is the same for all students regardless of physical location or instructional mode. It is expected that students will fully utilize all such administrative procedures to address concerns in a timely manner and according to timeframes outlined in the Student Handbook. Click here for details.


Contact Information

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