Immersive Telepresence Video (ITV) - Banquet Room

Banquet Room is an ITV room designed to conduct events, workshops, classes, and WebEx meetings. This room is equipped with the following technology:

  • The Banquet room can operate as one large conference room or be separated into smaller conference rooms, the main Banquet room, the pre-function room, and the restaurant. Using the wall-mounted Creston tablet, we can combine the rooms and manage the options on the bottom of the tablet, such as presentation and video conference modes. We also have options for Dialer controls where you can start or end a video conference call or WebEx session, camera controls, and layout controls used to change video call layouts and share presentations. We have directory controls used to dial contacts in the video conference directory directly. When running in divided mode, the pre-function room can only play audio. It has no displays, cameras, or microphones. The restaurant has display and audio options in divided mode but no camera or microphones. In contrast, the Banquet room has exclusive ownership of audio and video conferencing modes. The Banquet room can overflow audio and content to the pre-function and restaurant.
  • 1 Laptop to manage your events and WebEx meetings.
  • 1 speaker track camera that focuses on the presenter at the front of the room.
  • 1 audience camera that shows the participants in the room.
  • Ceiling speakers.
  • Ceiling mounted projector and screen mount.
  • Document Camera.
  • 6 Handheld microphones and 2 lavalier microphones.
  • 4 TVs.



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