Foundations of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Foundations of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Are you interested in learning about the exciting world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

HCCC Continuing Education presents a program that strives to prepare students for our coming future by utilizing blockchain technology to secure everything from tax payments, voting, medical records, and, most importantly, currency transactions in our digital society. We’ll explain the background of the technology and details about what it does, how it works, where it’s applicable (and where it’s not), and when we can anticipate greater use.  

You’ll be able to explain blockchain technology, what a blockchain is, and describe the various uses and methods encompassing the technology itself. You will also be able to discuss and critique current applications and technology such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Distributed Ledger Technology in general. The class encourages students to practice getting comfortable with the technology outside of class. A coding and technology background will be a competitive advantage but not a requirement.

Topics covered:

  • What is Blockchain Technology and Decentralization
  • Blockchain Networks and Protocols
  • Blockchain transaction methods and ownership
  • All about Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency Trading: What to Trade
  • And much more

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Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill

Instructor Bio

Morgan Hill is an emerging expert in blockchain technology who first discovered Bitcoin in 2009, helping to conceptualize one of the first online trading platforms associated with coinFX. Subsequent developments included work on the theoretical framework of a blockchain exchange and order management system. He has been flown around the globe to present as a speaker at major international conferences such as QuantCon, Crypto Invest Summit, Algorithmic Trading World, and Hedge Fund Association Symposium on the topics of portfolio management, high-frequency trading, digital assets, ICOs, and quantitative systems. He currently holds a role in risk management at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; prior, he focused on running AxionV AI to a historical profit level of over 13,000% during the 2017 Crypto Bull run. He holds an MBA from Willamette University.



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