Intro to E-commerce

Intro to E-commerce

In this class, you will learn the ways of why and how online businesses have succeeded for many years. This course will teach you how to find the perfect consumer base, the ideal loyal customers that would keep coming back day after day and year after year. We will learn the idyllic technologies that would improve your business online and offline. Even though e-commerce is viewed as an adventurous route, this business strategy has proven useful worldwide to all types of consumers and sellers. We will go over the general pro and cons of buying and selling online, so you can purchase and sell with ease. If done correctly, this can lead to a very successful long-term career and even passive income that lasts forever.

This live class will be held at our Jersey City Campus, and participants will receive an email with details on how to access the campus 48 to 72 hours before the start of class.

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Fariha Tasneem is an Instructional Designer; she has been teaching and facilitating workshops for over ten years. Her method of teaching and training is related to interactive learning and hands-on training with real-world data. With a BA and MS from New Jersey Institute of Technology, some of her experience include E-Commerce and SEO specialist for SGS international, Content Developer for ULEC, and Strategic Marketing Specialist for Cleversow. As an experienced Marketing Consultant and Information designer, MS. Tasneem works with clients through all stages of their Product Development. She’s worked with companies like Barneys in New York, Beedewy, Indiegrove, Cleversow, Uncommon Schools NY, and more. Her subjects include Technological Innovation related to Curriculum Design and Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management.


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