Mastering Public Speaking

Mastering Public Speaking

Speaking to an audience can be very stressful and frightening. The ability to speak in public is a skill that needs to be developed and sharpened. Whether we are at a job interview for the dream job, networking, leading a short or long presentation or speaking in a classroom, communicating clearly leaves the best impression. In this class you will learn to captivate and engage your audience, cope with your nerves, deliver your message with clarity and confidence, use verbal and nonverbal communication effectively, and walk away with extra tips to break those public speaking barriers.

This live class is going to be held online via the Webex or Zoom platform. Participants will receive an email with details on how to access the live course a few days before the start of class.

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Lilisa Williams is a National Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer and is also a 9-time author and the host/creator of several radio and TV shows, including her most popular show, "All About Entrepreneurs Talk Show," which can be heard on-demand 24 hours at Williams has since earned an Associates in Arts in Business/Public Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master's in Business Administration. In 2005, she made another educational move and enrolled in a Ph.D. program and has completed several courses to that end. She is a member of the National Speakers Association - Academy Program.


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